Street Racing

May 20, 2008
By david carrillo, Marietta, GA

Blurs pass by, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, the handbrake lights goes on as the curve creeps up on the mountain side, the cars drift centimeters away from the deadly slope drop, a car passes the spray painted finish line the winner takes the prize- $1000, and /or the pinkslip to a rival’s car.
Why do street racers umm… race in the streets? Could it be the cars, the money, the feeling you get when you just beat your rival by a mile or centimeter and you got the pinkslip to his/her car (because there’s also girl street racers not only guys race) , or maybe its just the feeling of adrenaline. Whatever the reason is for street racing one thing is certain…they all want to win. Some cities, like Los Angeles have the most street racing action (that’s why one day I’m going to move over there and race ‘till I become a great racer). Drifting (a technique that originated from Tokyo, Japan) is used in racing when your car slides at an angle, with its side moving forward to get past hairpin turns with ease; an excellent place to drift is in the mountains.
Street racers usually use Nitrous to make their cars accelerate more and to make speeds escalate. It’s better to use the Nitrous when you really need it instead of at the beginning of the race because you will just misuse precious Nos (Nitrous) unless you have 2 bottles of Nos.
Another technique used by streets racers (and I’m not saying all of this from experience ……or am I? - Suspenseful music-) is using cars with more horsepower (wait, why is it called horse power, do they test the weight on animals? THAT’S ANIMAL cruelty!! I know that they don’t do that I just wanted to type more words to fill in what I haven’t typed…um… I didn’t just type that did I? Uh… Just forget it!!) Because more horsepower means more (uh…) power, the car will be able to give off, and more speed you will be able to use.
But why do street racers risk being arrested by the 5-0 (street for police), being injured in crashes, and much more? Some street racers race when their turfs (territories) are invaded (trespassed), others race to beat their opponents (duh…right? Nobody races to lose. And if someone does…well, they are just plain stupid) and get the pinkslip (the “right”) to their car. While some street racers race for the money (because most races have a prize other than the pinkslip). There are also street racers who just race for the heck of it (along with the cash, pinks, turfs, and adrenaline).

Just shut out everything right now, imagine (that you are a street racer) you are at the wheel of a customized Nissan Z. You’re going to race against a racer with a customized Porsche Carrera, you are racing for pinks, the rival’s turf (which is in this case a city as big as Marietta-), and for $5000; if you lose you will lose your car and $5000. All the pressure is building up, you feel your heart pound a million times a minute, a drop of sweat crawls down your face (it could be from the pressure or maybe its form the hotness of the helmet that you are wearing- or are supposed to wear for your protection) ready, get set, …oh yeah, and you’re racing in the mountains, GO!!! You put the pedal to the metal, your tires go (screech), and you’re off! The rival has passed you by half a length. Curves come at you like a missile (screech)! A hairpin turn with no railing creeps up to the rival’s car 15 feet in front of you; he drifts, barely skimming through the deadly mountain-side, you see the turn waiting for you to make a mistake so it’ll take you. But you put the E-brake and drift, as soon as you drift, you squeeze the Nos button so hard it might just get stuck, but it doesn’t. The gas from the Nos propellers you forward, you are immediately pushed back from the power of the gas and you brush past the rival, vroom. The next minute and 47seconds are heart-pounding, gut-wrenching, and something else that sounds extreme. You become aware that the finish line is near, because you spot two flares lit up on either side of the road just less than ¼ of a mile down the road. The rival comes up from behind; it’s a battle for first place! The finish line is less than 100 ft away.50 ft, 20 ft; you beat your rival by a foot!!(Sigh) the rival passes by and stops, you press the Nos and drift ‘till you make a 180° turn! The Porsche, $5000, and your rival’s turf are now yours.

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