Troy, Troy, Baby: A Parody of "Ice, Ice, Baby" by Vanilla Ice

May 20, 2008
By Devon Chenelle, Clarendon Hills, IL

I draw my inspiration from the Homer's Work.

Odysseus Songs

Troy, Troy Baby

Yo,lets kick it!

Troy Troy Helen, Troy Troy Helen.

Oy halt! N’ lend me yo ear
Odysseus is back with ma’ brand new adventure.
Something grabs a hold of my crew tightly.
Hit Scylla with a harpoon daily and nightly!
(crew) wiil we ever find home? Ho I don’t know!
Nightime hits, and I’ll be sneaky
To the extremer I stab giants like a vandal
Light up the sea wax chumps like a candle
Move ho rush to violin that booms
I’m killing yo eye like a poisonous flower
Deadly when I think a dope trickness
Anything less than the best if a felony
Love it or leave it you better gain stone
You better hit bulls eye and bend my bow
‘If there is a problem Ho I’l solve it
Check out the tune while my bardie revolves it

Troy, Troy Helen x4

Now that the warrie is pumpin
With the lyre kicked and the Spartans are jumping
Quick to the point, no faking
Cooking bards like a pound of bacon!

Killlin’ you, if you aint quick and nimble
I go crazy when I hear a gong crash
And a hi gong, with a souped up tempo
I’m on a roll and it’s time to go solo
Rollin in my galley
With my toga down so my hair can blow
The wivies on islands just waving, to say hi
Did I stop no I just sailed by
Kept on pursuing to the next stop
I busted a left, heading to the next island
The Place was dead
Yo so I continued to A1A godfront avenue!

Troy, Troy Helen x4

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