I Love My Dolly

May 19, 2008
By Emma Walsh, Cincinnati, OH

There once was a girl named Casey who lived with only her mom Connie. Connie worked a 10 hour job. 10 hours a day. Not a lot of time to spend with her daughter but when your single parent without a diploma I'm guessing money is a necessity. But the sad little story is getting put on a hold. One night when Casey was 7-years-old something very peculiar happened. One night when Connie went to work Casey was too sick to stay home alone like normal so Connie was forced to get a babysitter so she called a 15-year-girl from a flyer she grabbed outside just in case. When she called a girl named Dena answered and took the job. When she got to Connie's house Dena didn't have time to ask questions Connie just handed her a list of things Casey's is allergic to. When she looked Casey was on the floor playing with her doll. Before she had time to ask Casey said " her name is Luna ". Suprised she asked " Who's name". Chuckling Casey answered " my doll you were wondering right? yeah i thought you were so I answered you." Too confused to answer Dena just walked to the fridge and said " that doll is kinda old and ragedy looking don't ya think?" Madly answering, " No she looks beautiful to me. luna doesn't like you she said you look like a turtle". Dena still thinking this is all still just a game the little girl is playing with her just replied not even thinking " she looks like garbage to me" Very angrily Casey says " Luna says you'll be getting yours soon enough. What ever that means." Kinda weirded out Dena continue to insult the doll. When Dena finaly heard no response she said " Ha I knew that doll was stupid". Before she said anything Casey twisted the dolls head 4 times around without it breaking. Dena just thought Casey saw the light on how old the doll was and tried to break it. After that it was pretty much a silent night. When Connie came home to see no Dena and Casey saftly in her bed she just thought Dena was in the bathroom so she waited outside the door with the money she owed her. After about ten minutes she got a little worried when she heard nothing in there so she opedned the door. Only to see Dena laying on the floor with her head seperated from her body. When the police came to take the body she explained to them that nobody was home with her exept Casey. After a few days the police called her back. They told her they had found out the way she died. When Connie asked how. They replied her head was twisted so many times around that it snapped her spinal cord making her head come off. They told her that Casey has been cleared of the charges against her because nobody that young would ever have that much strength to do anything like that. So I guess neither Connie or the police will ever know what happened that night but one things for sure Luna will defenitly know.

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