Murder at Koolville High

May 16, 2008
By Naterrika Reid, Marietta, GA

It all started at the beginning of October. It was actually October 11 of 2029. It was about 5:45 in the afternoon and I was just about to step out of my office for a coffee break when Detective Dan came to me and delivered a letter from the boss. He said that it was urgent. It read:

October 11, 2029
444 Koolville St.

Dear Marissa,

I have given you a very important case. Almost two hours ago a young man named Charlos was killed at Coolville High School in the basketball gym. The murder weapon is not known but there was a bloody basketball next to the body. I know that this is short notice but I need your skills and instincts to solve this case. The only person that might know anything about the case is his girlfriend Shantell. She is the one that found the boy so I would go to her first if I were you. I have faith in you and I know you can figure this all out.

Good Luck,

As I folded the letter up and put it away in my pocket, I started to think deeply about the case. Who would want to kill a high school kid? That was the question that was running through my mind the whole time I was driving over to the Koolville High School gym.

I go out of the car and as I was about to open the door there was a teenage girl running out of the door like someone was chasing her. I stopped her and asked her what her name was and she told me that her name was Shantell. She didn’t seem to look very sad at all, since being she had just found her boyfriend dead. But people handle their sadness in different ways so I just brushed it off. I asked her if we could sit down on a nearby bench so that I could ask her some questions. She agreed. I asked her, “What events led up to you finding Charlos.”

She said, “ I was planning to meet Charlos at the basketball game like I do everyday at 4:00. I normally wait for him b the doors, but today he was he was just taking too long. So I came in to the gym and there he was in the center of the court, laying there.” I asked her if she knew of anyone who had a grudge against Charlos. She was very quick to say that she knew of six people; Lyric, Madison, John, Tianna, DaShon, and Treyvon. She said that they were the best basketball players in the school until Charlos came to the school. She also said that they were all jealous because he was a superstar in the game of basketball and they all had a personal grudge. As I was writing this down she kept looking around like she was looking for someone. I gave her my business card and told her to call me if she had anymore information. With that, I went into the school in search of those six people that Shantell had just named.

When I walked into the school, I was met by Principal Moore. She let me know that if I needed anything from her for the case that she would do her best t provide it. I let her know that I needed to question Lyric, Madison, Tianna, John, DaShon, and Treyvon. She told me that everyone one of those people was in the gym except for Treyvon. I said thank you and made my way to the gym in hopes of getting closer to solving this case.

As I walked into the gym, I noticed a group of students huddled in a corner of the gym. When I walked over to them they looked at me as if I was interrupting. I said, “Excuse me, am I interrupting something?” A girl that seemed very tall for age introduced herself as Lyric. She said that they were just trying to figure out who could do a thing like this to Charlos. I told her that I needed to question each of them separately to see if they could tell me anything helpful. I decided to start off with Lyric.

“Hi, Lyric, “I said, “My name is Detective Marissa. I am going to be investigating the murder of Charlos. I just ran into his girlfriend and she told me that you guys might have a motive to kill Charlos. Now I want you to tell me what kind of grudge you might have against him.” She told me everything about the relationship she had with Charlos. I did the same thing for the rest of the students except for Treyvon. Nobody seemed to know where he was, but they did say he and Charlos were best friends and Treyvon kind of had a thing for Shantell. I made a list of what type of motives the students. This is what I came up with:

Lyric- Jealous of Charlos because he was getting a lot of attention and she was used to getting all of the attention
Madison- Mad because when she asked him out and he turned her down
Tianna- mad because he goes out with her arch enemy (Shantell)
John and DaShon- they were scared that Charlos was going to take their positions in basketball in the upcoming season

As I drove back to the station, I decided to find Treyvon the next day to see if he knew anything since he and Charlos were best friends. But before I did that, I made a police report.

Koolville Police Department
277 Koolville Lane- Koolville, GA 33561- (7)-555-5555

Address Occurred:
Date/Time Arrived:

Victim Name:
Victim Address:

Address Phone:
Address Phone:
Address Phone:

Offender’s Name:
Other Details:

Additional Details:

The next day I got a call from the medical examiner’s office. They had done an autopsy on the body. The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head. They had the bullet but the gone wasn’t found anywhere near the crime scene. But at the time, I wasn’t really worried about the murder weapon. I was focused on finding Treyvon because I had a hunch that he was the key to the crime.

When I walked into the school, I was met by Janitor Mike. He told me that he had found lots of papers that could possibly be helpful to me. This is what he found.

Directions to Rowland Gun Shop
From: Koolville High School

Make a left on 365 Koolville Circle. .2 mi
Continue going straight ahead and make a right on Old Kool Way 3.5 mi
Go .3 mi and make a right on Kooly Ave.
Make an immediate left and follow the road all the way to 265 Kooly Ave. to Rowland Gun Shop

He also found this:

Class Survey:

Q: What is your name?
A: DaShon C.
Q: What is your favorite sport?
A: Basketball
Q: Why is that your favorite sport?
A: Because it is very exciting.
Q: Who is your best friend?
A: John F.
Q: Who is your arch enemy and why?
A: Charlos because he is so good at basketball and every time we were on a team together, he would take my position. Then I would end up sitting on the bench because coach wouldn’t want to take him out.
Q: If you could destroy your arch enemy, how would you do it?
A: I would probably bash his face in with a basketball for all those years made me sit on the bench and then shoot him.

****This is the end of the survey, I hope you enjoyed it.****

And this:

I’ve missed u all day, are we still on or today

Yea, babe. I wouldn’t miss this for the world. We are going to finally be together. Nothing is going to stop us.

I hope all goes well. I’m going to make the police call. They will totally fall for it since I’m his girlfriend and all.

Yea, dats a good plan…. I can’t wait until this is finally over.

Yea…me 2!!! Talk 2 u later


I told Janitor Mike that he had been very helpful and I started searching for DaShon. He was very high on the suspect list at the moment.

When I found DaShon later that day, I explained to him that Janitor Mike had found the survey about him wanting to kill Charlos. He told me that he had never even taken a survey and that he doesn’t have the guts to do something like that. I believed him. But just in case he was lying, I asked him one more time. He said no and so I left to go to the Rowland Gun Shop.

When I got to the gun shop, I was met by the young man that worked at the counter. I asked him if he knew a boy named Treyvon that had came here recently. He said no and so I showed him a picture of Treyvon that was given to me by the principal. The man said that he remembered Treyvon. He said that Treyvon had been there looking for a gun on October 9th. He also said that he had Treyvon’s address programmed into the computer. He gave the address and I went to station to get a search warrant.

When I obtained the search warrant I imeediately went to Treyvon’s house. I knocked on the door and Treyvon opened it. I handed him the search warrant and took off towards the bedroom. He followed. The first bedroom I walked into had a computer in it. On the computer screen, there IM’s from a couple of days ago. They read:

Shantell_socool01: Charlos is going to be in the gym practicing tomowrrow

Trey_dabest: What time is he leaving?

Shantell_socool01: He probably won’t be leaving until about 4

Trey_dabest: What time do you want me to meet you there?

Shantell_socool01: Meet me there at 3:45 so we can get our plan together. Make sure you bring the basketball and the gun.

Trey_dabest: I can’t wait until we can finally be together.

Shantell_socool01: Me too.. make sure you delete these messages. Love you!! Bye.

Trey_dabest: I love you too… Bye!!

After I read the IM’s, I was sure that Treyvon had killed Charlos with the help of Shantell. I arrested Treyvon for murder and called Detective Dan. I told him that Shantell had helped Treyvon commit the murder.

When I got to the station, Shantell was already in a cell. I decided to interrogate Treyvon first to see if he could explain himself. I asked why he killed Charlos. He didn’t say anything at first, but then I reminded him that he could go to jail for life. That’s when everything came out. He said that he didn’t kill Charlos. He and Shantell were planning to kill him together but when he got to the gym, Charlos had already been killed by Shantell and she was standing over him with her own gun and basketball. Then he said he ran and left Shantell alone. After that confession, we threw some questions at Shantell. She eventually confessed to talking Treyvon into it, but decided she couldn’t wait any longer. She bashed his face in with a basketball and then shot him in the head. She also admitted to planting the survey and pretending to cry so that the police wouldn’t think that she had killed Charlos. She said she had did it all to be with Treyvon.

I was shocked. She had pulled off a clever murder, but now she was going to pay for it. Treyvon ended up getting 25 years for helping plan the murder and Shantell was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Soon after that everything went back to normal.

Every now and then, I think about this case. How could you kill somebody just because you wanted to go out with someone else? People are crazy these days. But that whole thing is over now. It just makes you realize what people will do for love.

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