May 16, 2008
By Charles Wilson-Fisher II, Marietta, GA

This is the story of the most gruesome, overwhelmingly viscous, demon inhabited, cannibal 8 year-old that has ever surfaced the earth.

Little Devin Peterson or “The T.B.K. (The Best Krumping) Clowning 8 year- old Alive” as he was sometimes called was often compared to Jason, Freddy, Jimmy Bones, Hannibal Lector, and Pennywise. But the truth is, he has come of the characteristics of all of them. He was so villainous that some people thought that all those villains were in a nether region and fused together to form him. But to ponder when he’ll turn into to a kill-happy monster again is to beg for death. Poor luck for Mrs. Hawthorn.
It started in 2010, 3:00 pm, when he was left in front of a house of a hustler and a Burger King cashier in South Central LA that took
him in. They treated him like he was their own. He always seemed to enjoy playing
basketball and watching the Los Angeles Lakers play a lot. His parents, before he killed
them, said he was addicted to basketball and dancing. At 7 he played on a basketball team
that unfortunately sucked. But he was a bad kid.
Then one day he came home with face paint on him and he said he had joined a dance team at his school. The dance style was called krumping or sometimes clowning. He said he had to keep the face paint on at all times to be in it.

But those characteristics of those villains: Jason, Freddy, Jimmy Bones, Hannibal Lector, and Pennywise all came out in a basketball game. His team was down; they were being blown out by 33 points. Suddenly, he just used the bathroom on himself; then he grew from 3 ft. 2in. to 6 ft. 9in. Next half a hockey mask appeared on the right side his face, the paint still on the left side of his face and then a restraint mask, similar to one used on Hannibal grew on the bottom of the right side of his face. He also grew a goofy, red afro with a white LA fitted hat on top of it. Still in his basketball uniform, a machete sprouted from his right hand and a butterfly knife came out of his left hand and to top it off he grew knives for fingernails. He could shape shift, run super fast, and not feel pain when he became this monster.
He sometimes stayed out late as that monster and sat in a sewer. When he did that, he left a note saying he was going out to kill and they accepted that because they never gave a second thought that he would ever kill them. Boy, did they think wrong.
He could kill so violently and swiftly you can’t react. He can slice and dice, he could shape shift to look like your friends plus he was extremely cunning. He could also fly. People claim to have seen him krump over the dead body of his kill, before he ate them. He committed 998 murders in 2 years all within the community. He could never be caught. In police warrants, they couldn’t give a picture, only a caption that read, “You know what he looks like”.
July 21, 2012. The parents of Devin Peterson found dead in their house. No clues could be found. No fingerprints, no blood. Just the bodies and a note.
The next day Mrs. Hawthorn found dead. This body sliced into pieces. Still bleeding when she was found displayed outside of her home.

“Oh snap”, he said. As he ran as fast as he could from the police, helicopters flying 2ft above him. Tanks roared on to Crenshaw Street. Then Devin Peterson thought to himself, “There are a lot of police I could kill and eat. Then I’ll krump to Us Placers over there bodies. He turned around and started slicing police man. He jumped in the air and stabbed the engines of those helicopters. But then he was staring a tank bomb in the face. He caught in his mouth, turned into it and fell through several helicopters and blew up everything on streets. Except him. That day the entire city became extinct. After, he did nothing but kill anyone who wandered into South Central L.A.

How do I know all of this you may ask? Am I a survivor? A nomadic newsperson? I’m none of them. I am Devin Peterson.

Devin P.

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