Big Mean Man

May 16, 2008
By Weston Forbes, Orem, UT

There once lived a mean man. Who was always drinking and smoking on his block. One day his 7 year old daughter came home from school, with a note for being bad. So the dad grabbed her by the ears and swung her into the house. He went in and got a belt and started whipping her lots and lots. He did it all night, finally he let her go to her room, she looked out her window and there at the house next to her was her friend a little boy. The dad came in and saw her, he shut the blinds, grabbed her and started beating her. The next day the boy went to her house looking for her but the dad said she wasn’t home and for the next month the dad would say the same thing everytime the boy went over there. The dad got sick of the boy coming over so he grabbed him and after that the boy was never seen again. Along with the little girl and a couple of other kids.

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