May 16, 2008
By logan walters, Mattawan, MI

Listening to the weather report on the police radio, my family and I huddled around the candle in the dark house. It was Christmas night and we were snowed into their small one room log cabin house. The cat let out a loud meow; its eyes twinkled in the dark moonlit room. The snow was up to our necks. The snow surrounded are house like birds surrounding a picnic at the beach. The power lines blew over in the gusty wind and our heat was out, so the family was wrapped tightly in blankets and huddling together by the dark weak candle, a weak dog trying to burn its way off its burning leash and not even lighting up half of the room. The wolves howled in the distance leaving a dead silence among the room, except for the chattering of little Jimmy's teeth, little Jimmy was the youngest of all the cousins. He was four, and had bright red hair and more freckles on his face than New York city has people. Steven was the oldest cousin, he was twenty one he had dark brown hair, so dark, that most people mistook it for black. Uncle Todd had black hair that he spiked up in the front. He stood in the corner of the dark living room with his dog, Mark. His dog was very special, he helped uncle Todd see because Uncle Todd was blind. Last but not least there was me; I sat down on the cold, hard wooden floor of the living room wrapped in covers with my ears wide open listening to the radio. When finally we heard an answer after three hours of waiting.

“Weather channel one this is emergency rescue three we have a snow covered house on 47724324245 Supercalafragalisticexpealodoshios drive, do you copy,”

“Yes this is weather channel one it is safe to rescue, over,”

And sooner than we new it we could hear a ambulance screech up to the snowed in house and we knew that we were saved. It was the biggest snow storm in all of the world it snowed for 3 weeks non stop. We sat in that room for more than three weeks. Food was scarce we ran out of every thing except for bread witch we ate for every meal. It was the scariest experience I've ever had and I do NOT ever want to be trapped in a one room house with all my relatives, not knowing if I'm ever going to make it out alive again.

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