The New Beginning: Chapter 1 – All Will Come to an End

May 16, 2008
If you do not know what has happened, this will not tell you whose fault it is. This will not tell you who is responsible. But it will tell you what happened. But before you think that you could solve the mystery that is this event, you won’t. Because there’s nothing to solve. This was nature’s payback for pollution, which makes it our fault. But it’s not one or two peoples fault. It’s everyone’s fault. No one could have stopped it, but everyone could have. But that’s in the past. This is the present.

He always was good with math. So when he saw that he had one case left, which has thirteen magazines, while each magazine had 36 rounds; he knew that he was dead. “Well not really, that’s the last thing they’ll do to me. I’ll live forever.” He thought. That was what killed any last resentment of killing what used to be his fellows. “They’re not even human anymore. Ever since that last transport came up, everything that could go wrong did. Well at least I’m alive. Which I won’t be if I don’t get out of here, fast. He then grabbed the last of the magazines from the box and ran towards the dock. His plan was to jump in the P-38 fighter. As he was running he saw a dark shape move behind the corner up ahead. “Must be one of those rats. I hate rodents.” As he thought that he noticed a pool of blood on the floor. As he looked up he saw blood dripping from the ceiling. “Not another one. These things eat bullets.” Then he cocked his AK-47 and took aim. Right before his finger finished pulling the trigger, the bullets started to scream out of the barrel. As soon as the shooting started, it stopped. The metal bulkhead above him was ripped to shreds, and blood was pouring down the gaps. Knowing that more would come to the sound of the weapon discharging, and not wanting to be around when they did, made him turn and continue towards the hangar.

He made it without any further distractions, and went straight to the P-38. It was worse than the Lambda shuttle that was missing a wing. The P-38 looked like someone had deliberately tried to keep him here. Which by the dead maintenance chief’s body next to it, meant he didn’t want anyone to leave. “Well now how do I get out of here?” He thought. “There’s no other… oh my gosh. How did I forget it?” A new feeling began to worm its way into his heart. Hope. His feet felt as if they were gliding on the floor instead of pounding on it. As he neared the end of the hallway he stopped and turned to the empty bulkhead in front of him and said the magic words. “Thank you,” he said. Ten seconds later there was the screech of rusty gears moving. When the hidden door was all the way up, he stepped in the passageway and said ‘You’re welcome’. The door slammed shut as the mechanisms holding the door open released. And as soon as the door shut, the lights went on. And they revealed the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen. It was an old and outdated Lancer class frigate. He almost cried right then. It was the most wonderful thing he could think of; a way to leave the graveyard that he was in. He rushed to the ramp and ran up…

Once upstairs he noticed that something was different, the ship was in total disrepair on the entire port side. The starboard side wasn’t too much better. But it looked like it was wired and connected to the ship. And in the middle was a woman. “No not a woman, she looks more like a girl,” He thought. Before he could react, she drew a desert eagle and pointed it at him.
“Looks like you’re times up Chester. You’re not escaping me this time. Now you die.”

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