The Beach Party

May 16, 2008
On a hot-summer day, I was at home and decided to call my friends. We decided that we should go to the beach. When we arrived their was a beach party that we did not know about. We read the sign that said everyone was invited to attend. We headed back to my house to get our umbrellas, sunblock, our drinks,etc... When we went back to the beach, we search for the perfect spot to settle. The beach party lasted until midnight. After the party was over, we headed to the most popular night club in town. By time I got home, it was 6:00 a.m. in the morning. My parents asked where I have been and I made up an excuse. I told them that I stayed over by Keisha house and they believed me.
The next three weeks, I played the same routine over and over. My friends and I either went to the beach, club, shopping, or traveled to different states. My parents always believed my excuses. I saw in their eyes that they did not believe me. So one day I told my parents that my friends were going shopping and I was going with them. I told my friends that I will catch up with them later. Instead, I went to a party that my friends did not know about. My parents must have known about this party that I was at. They had asked my friends where was I, and they told them that I was going to catch up with them later. My parents came to that party where I was and caught me there dancing with a bunch of boys. They called my name out loud and I was busted. My punishment was to stay home for the rest of the summer, give up my credit card, and could not go anywhere with my friends. After all the punishments I have had, I think this was the most easy one.

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