The Apple and the Banana

May 15, 2008
By Ryder Harmon, Kernersville, NC

The big red apple in all it splendor;
smooth on the outside, crunchy and juicy on the inside.
The yellow banana, kind-hearted and filled with pride,
shielded in a peel, formed like the crescent moon.
These two fruits meet face to face all alone.
The banana, looking at the apple, was dazzled by the apple’s bright color
The banana was the first to talk: “Oh, apple, as red as a giant rose, your juiciness overpowers my image. You are a wonder to those who eat your kind.”
“I thank you for your heartfelt compliments, banana,” the apple responds, “unlike you, people eat less of your kind. Your crescent shape, the brown contaminations of your outside, the unpleasant taste of your inside, I am definitely better than you.”
Hurt by the insults, the banana talks back, “Oh, don’t be self-absorbed, apple, there are also negative facts about yourself. You endure painful bruises and scabs done to your skin when people don’t hold on to you and because of that, when they look at you, you’ll look unappetizing and they will dump you like a bag of cement, and you know it!”
Hearing this, the apple sulked, ashamed of himself.
The banana, realizing his mistake, went over by the apple’s side.
“Oh, I am so truly sorry; I never meant to hurt you. Maybe we just need to stop being judgmental to each other.”
“I agree”, the apple said, “I deeply accept your apologies and I am sorry too. I was incredibly foolish to have started this.”
The apple looked up.
“So what do you say,” the banana asked, “friends?”
“Friends”, the apple answered, gladly.
The two fruits shook stems, took a nice long walk together, and they remained friends until the end of their days.

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