Keke and the little fairy

May 15, 2008
By Marisol Durazo, Tucson, AZ

Hello my name is Keke Cross and I’m a ten year old girl who lives in California. I go to a school that’s in an orphanage called Anette Reeds Foster Home for Boys and Girls. I’ve been in this foster home for all my years and no-one wants me. The workers and the other kids don’t like me, because they think I’m crazy in the head but I’m not, it’s not my fault that I have an imagination the size of a watermelon.

The lunch bell rang at 1:00 p.m. students always go wild for lunch while I go on adventures in my head. I sit way in the back of the cafeteria on the corner table to the right. And it’s always hard to focus when there are a group of guys always harassing me, but they do it so quickly that the Aides don’t see what’s going on. So I got out of the chair and spilled my milk all over the leader of the guy group and I ran back to my room to quickly gather my belongings and leave out the window, but then I soon realized that it was locked so I got my bobby pin out of my hair and picked the lock and was then on my way.

I decided to head toward the red wood forest that’s just a couple miles away from here. On my way over there I spotted a store so I then started counting my saved up money that I was working for inside the orphanage which came up to about thirty-eight dollars and fifty-five cents. I just bought a couple of snacks and waters to take along with me.

While I was walking I noticed the sun was setting slowly but by the time I saw the tips of the red wood forest trees it was night so I took out my flash light to see where I was going. Then while I was walking I intend to hum a tune that had no words I didn’t know why I just did it when ever I was nerves and alone. I didn’t notice a small edge when I was walking so my foot slipped and the next thing I know I’m rolling down a hill and bumping my head on a tree which knocked me out.

I woke up with a dizzy head not knowing where I was but then I felt something dripping from my cheek it I stroked my cheek and found blood on my finger tips so I knew I had to wash it off somewhere. Then I heard the sound of waterfall I was relived to hear that sound so searched around and found the tallest waterfall and the biggest garden of flowers. As I ran toward the water I tripped over a rock which made me land in the garden of flowers. Then out of nowhere I start to hear a flute playing the tune I always hummed, I got up quickly looking for what ever that was making the sound and found myself staring at a fairy floating on a Lilly pad.

So there I was in total shock staring at the little fairy she looked back at me and grinned and said “hello” I still was in shock I couldn’t say a word. Then she said “hola” I then said “I’m sorry, I’m just so shocked to see a fairy” She said “Me too, my name is Crissy, what’s yours?” “My name is Keke its nice too meet you” I said softly. So after hours of talking I noticed that Crissy changed colors from red to purple. I asked” why do you change colors?” Crissy said it depends on my mood, if its green I’m peaceful if its red I’m angry like right now I’m purple its because I’m happy.

Crissy asked if I ever missed my parents, I said” very much, I just wish I could have known them and asked them why they didn’t want me.” All I ever wanted was to know where I belong and have at least a family member of my own blood to talk to and be loved. Crissy noticed my tears rolling down my cheeks and I could see her eyes starting to get glossy.

Then Crissy told me that she had a son named Ashton who also loved adventures, and could not take them because he was a fairy, so on his eighteenth birthday he was granted one wish and he wished for himself to be a human, And when it was granted then he met a gorgeous lady named Christine they soon fell in love with each other and moved away somewhere and she’s never seen him since. “That’s so sad” I said in a low voice.

All I know ever since I was a baby I have been humming a song that sounds like a lullaby it has no words for some reason I hum it when I’m alone and sad. Crissy asked if I could hum it for her, and I said sure why not. So there I was humming it then I started hearing Crissy’s flute playing the same song. I stopped while she kept playing, then I told her how do you know the song. She said “I was the one who made up that song and only I and my son knew it because every time he was sad I would play it on my flute for him, and then after I was done I would always tell him to play it for his kids so they can learn it too.”

Then I felt my heart beat and I could fell it beating slowly. I soon realized that Crissy must be my grandmother. I jumped up and drank some water from the water fall, then ran back to see if it was really true and that I was not day dreaming. She said “then you are my grandchild and if you want I could turn you into a fairy and you can live with me if you would like to” I quickly said yes, sure, more than ever.” So now I have many adventures with my grandmother and right now we are on one which is to find my parents to tell them that we found each other.

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