Tall Tale

May 15, 2008
By Sean Langin, Imperial, NE

One day during deer season we were out north of Wauneta looking for a buck we had spotted a couple of weeks before. As we were driving down a trail road to get to the river nearby, we heard a couple of roars. I have great aspirations to get at least a 6 X 5. We stop and got out and look around, we hear the noise again. So we decide to keep driving towards the river bed. As we were about 300 yards from the river we spotted the buck, a nice 8 X 7. This huge buck had a great poise as he stood there looking down river. It would have sure been nice to get that one. But instead, out of no where a HUGE bear comes bolting at the deer, he makes a leap at the buck but misses. So he regroups and swings at it, gets it right in the face, knocking out the buck. I may have to compensate for something a little bit smaller.

He begins to feast on the good sized buck, but he hears us walking back to the pickup and looks over at us. We put a hinder on his meal by getting in the pickup. As it stares us down we slowly get into the pickup and close the doors, this for some reason startles him and he comes after us. By disturbing his meal we got ourselves in a dilemma. So we whip the pickup around and try to get out of there. This has really put an encumbrance on my plans of getting a 6 X 5. Hopefully the buck I get will be as big as he was. So we get out of there and go one down to Palisade where the sand pit lay. We go back up in those woods a little ways. It was getting pretty late so we decide to try our luck another day, because we obviously did not have luck on our side today. What an ordeal that was, getting out of there was the scariest I thought we were dead. So as were pulling in to the driveway at my house some how my parents already knew about the attack. My mom was waiting outside for us, and dad had burgers on the grill for us. I guess all of our parents had already heard.

So the next morning we get up at about four in the morning to go get a nice whitetail buck. So on the way there we take back roads from Imperial to Enders. Just my luck I find a buck about 250 yards out feeding of some corn. So I step out of the truck and get ready to put a bullet in him, a nice 5 X 4 not exactly but it is a satisfactory buck. I shoot, he staggered for about 25 yards and falls, perfect shot. So we go get it out of the field and drag it back to the pickup and drive back to town to clean it. The amount of blood that you accumulate from a deer is just insane. So all in all I got my deer after all, maybe not quite as big as I had wanted it but it will definitely do.

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