Front story: The Two Little Pigs and Their Half Brother; the Real Story. Told by: Star Newspaper Ma

May 15, 2008
By Christina James, Hurst, TX

“Tell me exactly what happened.” click Detective Menthol turned on the tape recorder

“He hit me.” Jiggy, the littlest of the three pigs said.

“Who hit you? Detective Menthal asked B-dawg in the other room.

“He was big…and…and hairy…and…and…”

“No one will hurt you again.” Detective Menthul Pressed Yoyo in the third room.

“The wolf did.”

“That’s all we need to know.” Detectives Menthol, Menthal, and Menthul switched off the tape recorders as the three pigs slowly left the rooms.

The three pigs live in New York City, a place of violence and crime. Yoyo, the oldest pig is half human. Don’t ask me how that happened, but it did. Yoyo is 14 years old. He’s the toughest little eighth grade half pig you’ll ever see. What a sport, he plays line-backer on the football team and also wrestling at his school.

Jiggy, the youngest pig, is six years old. A jello-fanatic as you might say. Since he is full-blown-pig, he’s home schooled.

B-dawg, the second oldest pig, is ten years old. He loves pigs; and I don’t mean the walking-talking kind, no-sir-ee, I mean the whole package oink-oink type.

Now the three little pigs were special. Yoyo barely even resembled a pig. If you met him you would think he was any other teenager, aside from the dinner table. He eats like a pig and his laugh resembles a snort. On the other hand, the other two have pinkish skin like a permanent sunburn and big noses right snack on the center of their faces.

Yoyo, B-dawg, and Jiggy all were born in a science lab. They eventually were rescued and adopted by their parents, Jimmy and Lyndee Marak.

I’m sitting in a room, Yoyo thought. He stood up and started pacing back and forth. “Now I’m standing in a room.” He sighed, wondering why he was the one all locked up.

The door suddenly opened and Yoyo turned around to see Detective Menthul.

“Good afternoon,” Detective Menthul smiled softly “please sit down Yoyo.” He motioned towards a chair at the table.

Yoyo wearily walked over to the chair and sat down. Detective Menthul came and sat across from him and turned on the same tape recorder that was used previously.

“I’d like to ask you a few more questions about your early life experiences.”

Yoyo fiddled with his fingers and looked at the ground.

“I never was aloud outside.” Yoyo mumbled. Don’t let yourself cry, Yoyo thought. “Everyday I had to take my ‘vitamins’” he paused briefly “I only took them when the wolf was watching.” Silently Yoyo covered his head with his hands and began to softly sob. Then fiercely, his body violently shaking.

Suddenly Jiggy and B-dawg ran into the room, rushing over to comfort their older brother. They talked gently and soothingly to him, trying to calm down his crying.

“I…want…to…be…alone…” Yoyo whispered between shakes.

Detective Menthul nodded silently as he, Jiggy, and B-dawg quietly left the room. Slowly Yoyo stopped shaking and softly started whimpering.

“Chirus.” He whispered his girlfriend’s name, hoping she would suddenly appear.

Across town Chirus begged her mom to take her where Yoyo was.

“I need to see him!” Chirus pouted.

Chirus was Yoyo’s girlfriend, and was one year younger than he was. She adored many things like animals, art, and basketball; but the one thing she adored most of all was Yoyo. When she was around him you could see the smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes from miles away. They were in love.

“Please.” She pleaded with her mom.

“Get in the car.” Her mother grunted unhappily.

Yoyo got up from the chair and walked over to the door. He opened the door just as Chirus came flying in. They both fell down from the force of the hug.

“I love you.” They said at the same time and laughed.

“Hey you.” Yoyo said as he kissed Chirus’s forehead.

“Hey yourself.” Chirus grinned.

Yoyo held Chirus in his arms and they both walked out of the room together after they told each other about their day. Chirus walked with Yoyo to his house to have cookies and milk with him.

“Ah!” At the pigs’ house, Jiggy yelled when B-dawg threw a mud ball at him.
B-dawg giggled as Jiggy gathered up his own weapon.

“Prepare to die.” Jiggy yelled in a terminator impersonation voice as he threw a mud ball as B-dawg. B-dawg quickly moved out from in front of the door just as Yoyo opened the door and came out just as the mud ball hit him.

“Gah!” Yoyo screamed and wiped mud off his shirt.

“Hey Jig, Hey Ben.” Chirus said as she followed Yoyo outside.

Yoyo put his arm around his brother’s necks. “Let’s not keep mom and dad waiting in the car.”

The two younger brothers turned to each other in confusion. “Where are we going?” B-dawg asked suspiciously.

“Court.” Yoyo answered quietly.” Then ice-cream.” He said and perked up.

Yoyo, Jiggy, B-dawg, and Chirus hurried out to the car.

At the court house everyone sat down as the judge started talking.

“Yoyo Yusuf Pinsty please sit in the witness chair.” The judge politely ordered Yoyo.

Yoyo approached where the judge was and sat in the chair next to him. The Wolf’s lawyer stood in front of Yoyo and the judge.

“My client is, as many people say, a well-behaved citizen.” He paused for dramatic effect “Yoyo let me ask you, did you ever see Mr. Wolf abuse you? Can you prove my client hurt you?”

“No.” Yoyo answered “I don’t have proof, but he looks very similar…” Yoyo frowned.

“Aha! So my client looks like any other wolf, you have no proof of the actions you accuse him of.” The lawyer looked around “I have nothing more to say.”

“Due to lack of evidence Mr. Wolf is free until his trial.”

The judge slammed down his hammer and everyone got up to leave

The next morning was Monday, a day of torture, known as school.

Yoyo rushed to help get the younger kids ready as his parent’s got ready for wok.

“Bye mom and dad.” Yoyo said as he headed to walk to younger pigs to their tutor then head to school.

“Hello.” Chirus sang as she caught up with Yoyo. They walked together to school practically everyday.

“How are you baby?” Yoyo teased. “Hanging around with and older guy and all. Yoyo grinned and hugged her.

Chirus pushed him and ran. Laughing as he chased after her. Yoyo finally caught up to her and grabbed her in his arms. He playfully tickled her until she yelled mercy.

Over the intercom at school Yoyo was called to the office. The principal told Yoyo that his parents died in a car accident that morning. Yoyo was in shock, speechless, and scared.

That afternoon Yoyo, B-dawg, and Jiggy were put in a foster home temporarily. It was the foster home of their real abusers, Sim and Jessica.

Sim and Jessica began to abuse them more. Finally though, Yoyo decided to take a stand and to tell the Wolf and his girlfriend what is happening. The Wolf helped Yoyo to call the police and explain what has happened. Yoyo is taken into questioning and confirms the story.

At the day of court Sim and Jessica were accused of child abuse. Yoyo, B-dawg, and Jiggy were all called to the stand as witnessed. Yoyo pointed out the abusers and the court found the two evil wolfs guilty.

They were sentenced to life in jail with no hope for bail. Seeing as the pigs still have no place to live, devastation sets into there lives.

A few weeks later the wolf and his girlfriend talked to the three pigs and told them they were being adopted, and all but Yoyo were happy. Since the Wolfs are moving, so would the pigs and Yoyo wouldn’t get to see Chirus anymore.

Yoyo then called Chirus and said he wanted to talk to her. They met in the park and Yoyo proposed to Chirus. The next day they run away to Canada and get married.

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