Tweedleberry Tea

May 29, 2012
By BlairKitty SILVER, Fghfhfh, Montana
BlairKitty SILVER, Fghfhfh, Montana
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“Good morning!” said Pretty Kitty Cat and her mom. “Hope you had a nice sleep because I made you a special breakfast!” “What is it?” asked Pretty Kitty Cat. “You’ll see,” said her mama kitty. “I’m still making it and it will be ready in ten minutes.” “Okay” said Pretty Kitty Cat.

After five minutes Catabell woke up. “Good morning!” she said. “Wow, it smells good in here!” she said. “Mama Kitty’s making us a special breakfast!” said Pretty Kitty Cat excitedly. “Oooooh!” she squealed. “What is it?” “It’s a surprise!” said her mama kitty. “It will be ready in five minutes.

Five minutes later the timer went off.

“Catabell’s the best! Catabell’s the best! Pretty is the best! Pretty is the best!” The microwave sang.

“Why didn’t it say my full name?” Pretty Kitty Cat said madly. “Because your name is so long it got cut off,” her mama kitty said. “Ugg!” she said.

Then the timer went off again. “Catabell’s the best! Catabell’s the best! Pre-is-the-be! Pre-is-the-be!” “Ugg!” said Pretty Kitty Cat. “Haa, haa, haa,” said Catabell. “It skipped your name!” Soon Mama kitty burst out laughing. “Mama Kitty,” Pretty Kitty Cat said. “You too! Ugg triple!” she said as mama kitty calmed down.

Then the timer went off again.

This time it said, “Blah is the best! Blah is the best! Pretty Kitty Cat’s the… WORST!” That made them laugh even harder! “At least they said my name right!” said Pretty Kitty Cat. Catabell was even kind of embarrassed too because they called her name blah.

“Okay I’ll get it out of the oven now,” said their mama kitty as she opened the oven. Catabell spotted three mugs covered with foil.
“Oooooh! It must be secret because it is covered up,” Catabell said.
“Oooooh it is!” said their mama kitty as she took it out of the oven. “I made it by lots of things,” she said.
“What kind of things?” asked Pretty Kitty Cat.
“I’m not telling you because it is a secret!” said her mama kitty.”
“Can we taste it now?” asked Catabell.
“Not now, it needs cooling,” said her mama kitty.

As it was cooling, they made some toast. They walked into the kitchen.
“What kind of bread do you want?” asked Catabell.
“The white bread of course,” said Pretty Kitty Cat.
“Oh no, no Pretty Kitty Cat white bread is… well, I bought the green stuff bread for you and Catabell!” screamed their mama kitty.

“Uhh, no thank you mama kitty thanks for the offer, but I’d rather have the white bread,” said Pretty Kitty Cat.
“Nope you have to have the green stuff bread,” said her mama kitty. “Look how well Catabell eats it.” Then Pretty Kitty Cat turned around and saw a how joyful she was eating the green stuff bread.
“Fine!” she said.
As you can see the green stuff bread is food that is very healthy and all of the kitties except Catabell hate it. Another thing you can see is that the white bread is unhealthy and everyone likes it except Catabell. (That is the dessert in our world.)

Pretty Kitty Cat started to make herself a sandwich. As she sat down to eat it, she ate it bit-by-bit. Soon Catabell left the table and asked her mama kitty for more green stuff bread. “Only if that can be your dessert,” said her mama kitty. “Okay!” said Catabell.

Then mama kitty checked the drinks. “They’re ready!” she said.
“Yeah!” Catabell and Pretty Kitty Cat said at the same time. They sat down at the table.
“Okay, don’t sip yet! First I’m going to get my camera,” mama kitty said as she walked to get her camera. As she walked away, she carried her cup with her. She took a picture of it in her room. This was it!

“Okay start drinking it right now!” their mama kitty said. Pretty Kitty Cat started drinking.
“Yum,” she said.
“Hey, it’s turning colors!” said Catabell.
“Mine is too!” said Pretty Kitty Cat.
“Wait, now it’s blue!” said Catabell. Then mama kitty took a snap shot of Catabell’s first sip. “Yum, best drink ever!” she screamed. Pretty Kitty Cat loved it so much that she let go of her tea cup and it started flying across the room. Then it went in Catabell’s hair!

“Watch out!” yelled Pretty Kitty Cat. But it was too late! The blue tea was already splattered over Catabell’s head.
“Mama Kitty!” yelled Catabell. “Pretty Kitty Cat poured her tea on my head!”
“Pretty Kitty Cat!” Mama Kitty screamed as she brushed Catabell’s hair with her fingers. “Your hair is filthy!” said mama kitty. “Go take a shower right now! Catabell!” “Okay” said Catabell as she walked away.

“Hum, hum, hum!” said Catabell. “I’m singing a song! While I’m in the shower! Woo! Hoo! Hoo!” sang Catabell. “Ha, ha, ha, ha! Okay now I’ll put on my clothes. Hum, hum, hum! Done!” yelled Catabell. When she walked into the kitchen she saw that Pretty Kitty Cat was drinking another cup of tea. “Why is she having another cup of tea?”
“Because she asked for it,” said her mama kitty.
“Well can I have some?” asked Catabell.
“Sure,” said her mama kitty.
As their mama kitty started making the Tweedleberry Tea, Pretty Kitty Cat started jumping all around. “Yippee!” she said. “Yippee! Wahoo! Awesome!” Then she stood on her head. “Wahoo! Cool! Fun! Great!” she continued. And then it stopped. Just like that. “Oww!” screamed Pretty Kitty Cat. “My stomach hurts!” she said.
“Okay. I’ll bring you to the doctor,” said mama kitty.
“Okay,” said Pretty Kitty Cat. “Don’t drink that Tweedleberry Tea Catabell! Bye!”

“Okay Pretty Kitty Cat you can open your eyes now. We are here!”
“So I heard you drank two Tweedleberry Teas,” said the doctor. Pretty Kitty Cat nodded her head. “Here is some medicine for you,” she said. Pretty Kitty Cat noticed that the medicine was blue. The exact color as the Tweedleberry Tea. She drank it.
“Yum!” she said. “I feel much better! Bye, Bye!!”
“Leave!” said the doctor. When they got home they saw Catabell saying Wippee! Wahoo! Cool! Awesome! Great! And then Ow!

“Here Catabell drink this medicine!” screamed Pretty Kitty Cat.
“Okay!” said Catabell.
“Yum! Yum! Yum” she said. “Let’s go ask the doctor what she put in that medicine.”
“It’s a cup of Tweedleberry Tea!” the doctor said “You have to have an odd number of teas to feel good.
“Wahoo!” said every one.

The author's comments:
This was a cute story that my sister and I made up.

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on Jun. 5 2012 at 10:59 pm
BlairKitty SILVER, Fghfhfh, Montana
5 articles 0 photos 2 comments

Hey, here's a disscussion topic,

Try to picture Pretty Kitty Cat in words. What do you think she looks like?


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