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May 29, 2012
By Meagan Sommers BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
Meagan Sommers BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
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One day a Ruby Taiga and Dooby Savannah went on a date to an island called Poka. At this island they had their own summer dream house. This house included 16 bedrooms, 18 baths, 18 showers, and four hot tubs. This house was not an ordinary house at all. This house was the biggest house in the world. It was very hard to get a photograph of this house because of its mass.
While the couple was away they participated in many activities that were not normal in their daily lives.
"While we were there we got to ride a dolphin to our island. We got to give a baby shark a tutu and we helped a lady get her ruby necklace out of an airplanes engine. We had seen many baby carlops. A carlop is a mixture of a monkey and a penguin. The carlops are very different though, these carlops were hot pink, lime green, highlighter yellow, bright orange and they all had polka dots on them," said Dooby.

On this vacation the couple experienced some strange things.

"Well when Dooby and I were walking in the woods we feel into this hole while we were looking up at the beautiful mountains."

Ruby and Dooby continued to walk down the whole because they saw a glowing light. They had thought this light was the exit but it was not. The glowing was actually a big rubber ball and it was throwing money out of it like crazy! It was not a small amount of money either it was $100 bills flying everywhere!

“I grabbed as much money as I could; I could not believe how much money was flowing out," stated Dooby.

What they did not realize is that while they were staring at the giant purple ball they were sucked into another world.
"As we began to spend the money on clothes, cars, and a yacht, we realized many strange things were happening to me and Ruby. Ruby could fly, she had eye vision, amazing hearing, and she could also see anything she wanted for miles. She could move anything she wanted with her brain too," explained Dooby.
Dooby, on the other hand, became something like a superstar major Hollywood guy. Everyone in the world knew who he was; there were posters and billboards of him everywhere! Now this was not in real life, but in the world they had been sucked into.
"The world we live in is called Sommertropilis. We love it here, and everyone loves us being here," stated Dooby.
Ruby realized that she was very much in love with Dooby, and he was very in love with her too.
"Ruby what do you say about us getting married today? I want to spend the rest of my life with you!" pleaded Dooby.
"Well... It is earlier than I planned, but yeah I do!" shouted Ruby.
They had a huge wedding and about 1,467,890 people showed up. That is how popular these two young people were. They had the dream wedding that they have always planned of having. The young couple had their honeymoon on the island in the air. This island was known as Honeymoon Sweet because it was built just for them to have an amazing honeymoon.
"That was the best day of my life, and I cannot wait to spend many more with you!" explained Ruby.
Ruby and Dooby returned to Sommertropilis and things were not the same as they had left. Some guy named Barney thought he could over run Dooby.
"What do you think you are doing? I am the only guy who will run Sommertropilis," said Dooby.
"Yeah we'll see about that," sneered Barney.
Dooby did not agree to this so he confronted the guy and said that he wanted him to stop because he would never be as popular as him. Barney was not listening to Dooby, so Dooby challenged him to a duel.
"Here a duel is where you get in this big banana split, root beer float, or any other type of ice cream treat. Once inside these ice cream treats you must find the missing penguin and return him or her to their right family. You only get three tries and there are six families he or she could belong to. The first one to finish wins and he gets to keep their rule, or he gets to become the most popular.
The duel went on and Dooby won! He crushed Barney and got the penguin returned to her family on his second try! Barney did not succeed in getting the penguin back to her family.
“I am so proud of you Dooby, that was one of the most amazing things I have seen," stated Ruby.
Dooby got a huge celebration party after he won. His wife was there and she bought him a cake in the shape of a huge root beer float. Later on that night Ruby wasn’t feeling too good. She went to the doctors and she got some exciting news.
"Dooby I am expecting twins!" shouted Ruby.
She has decided to name them Billy and Lilly. Once Billy and Lilly were born things kind of changed for the Savannah family. They began to not focus on their fame and to just spend time with each other. By doing this they became more popular. The people of Sommertropilis looked up to them as role models because of how well they were all succeeding. The family has a perfect life. Besides that they want more children. They had twins, and named them Woofer and Stewann. The family was extremely happy and loved where their life had ended up.
"I love my family, now that my father isn't the center of attention; we get to spend more time with him. We always go outside and play catch, have bon fires, or just relax and have fun. Having a younger brother and sister is amazing. I love when they laugh it makes me feel good." explained Lilly.
This family really has nothing to worry about besides raising healthy children; this family is set for life. They have the money, the fame, the popularity, happiness, and love that a perfect couple needs. They continued to live their lives, and they had two more children, Juju and Martin. Now that this family is complete they will continue their life journeys....
The End ;)

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