Accidentally Poisoning Someone Else

May 15, 2008
My sister, my little brother, some friends, and I went to her friend Jennifer’s house because it was her birthday; she was turning eight years old. And we all were eating cake and ice cream. Then she started opening her presents and she got everything she wanted. All of her friends’ were there and we were dancing and just having fun. It all started with all of us joking around and pulling pranks on her.

Then David, one of her friends that was there accidentally spilled soda on her white shirt and pants. When the party was over my sister and I stayed after the party to help clean up the mess from the party. Jennifer’s little sister-spilled soda and she went to the laundry room without us knowing. She tried to wash the clothes by putting bleach, laundry detergent, and shout mixed together.

I smelled a strange and different odor. I asked my sister and Jennifer if they smell anything incase I was the only one that was smelling something disgusting. When we went to find where the smell was coming from, we found Jennifer’s little sister lying on the floor. I picked her up and took her outside. I laid her on the ground and told them to make sure she was okay. Also I told everyone to stay outside so that nothing would happen to them. Then I left the doors open and I held my breath, as I went back into the laundry room. I took the hose that was above the washer and ran the water in the washer to rinse it out. Then I put on gloves and picked up the clothes then put them in a basket and sat the basket in the hallway.

Then I proceeded to mop the floor and took the clothes outside. Meanwhile, I rinsed them off with the water hose. Next I went back inside the house and put the clothes in the washer and washed them. After that I picked up the trash. Finally I called Jennifer’s parents that were right across the street. I told them what happened to their little daughter. They put the phone down and took her to the doctor immediately. The doctor said she was okay but it made her sick, that’s all.

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