May 15, 2008
By Elisabeth Choate, Marion, IL

No, thank you. I don’t need any help I was just looking around.
You’ve got a lot of really different flavors don’t you? I personally like the plain
flavors, like vanilla and strawberry, but I’m always up for trying new things.

Do you have a favorite? Which one?
Peach? Well I might just try that. I bet it tastes just like the real thing doesn’t it?
No? Then what does it taste like?
Never mind, I don’t think I want to try it after all.
I bet the other flavors are better. I really like the creamy flavors that don’t have

chunks or anything. I like it best though when it’s really cold, so cold that it makes your

teeth hurt.
Do you have anything like that? You know, smooth and creamy?
Oh, I see. Everything’s like that here. Only top quality products.
Do you ever get tempted to eat some while no one’s looking?
No? You’d probably get in trouble if you did right?
That’s what I figured.
The best ice cream I ever had was this home made peanut butter blend. It was so
good I ate three bowls. Of course I got really sick after that, but it was still the best ice
cream I ever ate.
Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to talk so much. I know you’re busy and I’m just rambling.
Georgia says I talk too much sometimes.
Oh, no. We’re not married. Georgia’s just a lady I know. She keeps me
company most of the time. We play scrabble a lot. She’s really good at it. She’s also
really good at knitting. See these gloves? They’re something huh?
Yeah, I love them. She made them especially for me, even in my favorite color.
She made my hat too.
Sorry, I’m rambling again. Hey, do you think that maybe I could have a sample?
No, I mean I want to taste one. I don’t see any spoons around here. Where do
you keep them?
All you have is paintbrushes? I don’t see how I’m supposed to eat with a
paintbrush. That’s a little strange.
Are you okay sir?
Oh, you seemed a little confused.
Yes, I’m fine. I just didn’t understand how I was supposed to taste ice cream with
a paintbrush. I’d really like to taste some of the flavors before I decide which one I’m
going to buy.
You don’t have ice cream? I don’t understand. This is an ice cream parlor, isn’t it?
Paint store?! Oh, umm, I think I have to go now. Georgia is probably looking for
me. She thinks I’m in my room and I’m not supposed to be out without supervi….
Yes, I’m okay, nothing to worry about.
Hey, listen. You won’t tell anyone you saw me right? It’s not a big deal or
anything; I just wasn’t here, okay?

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