May 15, 2008
By Mary Choate, Marion, IL

The cafeteria is extremely crowded and really cold. Everyone is freezing. I can’t determine what’s for lunch by the smell. I don’t think anyone can. People are running around searching for an open table so they can save seats for their friends. The noise level keeps going up as more people enter the lunch room. The line keeps getting longer and some people are starting to cut. I pay for my lunch and sit down at my usual table and begin to eat. The food is indescribable. None of my friends know what it is. I suspect the orange stuff is fruit. I stab it with my fork, it crunches. Not fruit. Two people climb over my chair trying to get the seats next to the wall. The constant movements and interruptions are distracting. This is too much. My lunch group finishes their food and we exit the cafeteria. The bell rings and lunch is over. Tomorrow I’m bringing my own lunch.

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