Amy's Adventure

May 29, 2012
By pruple BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
pruple BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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It was a specifically special day for one “special” apple. Sydney’s little baby apple had finally blossomed. But something was wrong with this little blossom…it was purple instead of pink! Sydney was worried at first, and then she thought about it for a little while. Then Sydney figured it out. She had a very special little blossom. She quickly had to make new plans for her daughter! Her baby was going to be a super model, or at least she hoped she would be.
Over the time period of Sydney’s baby blossoming, Sydney taught her newborn everything that she needed to know to be perfect when she grew into an apple. When Sydney’s baby finally turned into an apple, Sydney decided to name her a very popular, but totally perfect name, for her future hobby: Amy. Sydney couldn’t wait to tell her EVERYTHING about how to be a super model. They started their beauty lessons right away. They spent the whole day together while Amy’s mother showed her how to act, talk, and move like a super model. Of course Sydney couldn’t show Amy everything up close because if they rolled off the tree then they would most likely not be able to get up for a while, so she had to show her from their lovely home in a Mackintosh tree. Amy was fascinated by all of the lovely things that her mother taught her and showed her.
At the end of the day she was exhausted! She thought that her mother had totally over worked her. That night Amy and her mother said goodnight and immediately fell asleep. They both dreamed about tomorrow’s wonderful plans. Amy dreamed about makeovers and shopping in all of the famous stores. She couldn’t wait to spend more time getting to know her mother. Amy also dreamed about meeting this girl named Megan who was going to be her “BFF” (well that’s what her mother called her). Even though Amy didn’t know what in the world that was. Sydney dreamed about how beautiful her daughter was going to be, and how handsome her prom date was going to be, and how she wished that she could’ve been like her daughter. Pretty, great personality and funny.
The next day Sydney woken up and it was surprisingly still dark out. She thought that she had just woke up early because she was so excited to teach her little girl new things, but then she heard tires against the gravel road. She looked around to see where Amy was, but she only saw a cardboard box surrounding her! Panic was the only thing that she could think about at the moment. “AMY!!!! What am I going to do, Oh my gosh, why did this have to happen to me?!?!?!”
Back at the home-sweet-Macintosh tree, Amy had just woken up and realized her mother wasn’t hanging where she usually hangs. Amy looked at the ground for her mother, but couldn’t find her anywhere. She looked all around the tree, but still she couldn’t find her. She checked the ground one more time and saw a tint of red. She was convinced that it was her poor, suffering mother. “I have to find her,” she thought. So she swung back and forth, side to side. Then Per PLOP! She hit the ground. She then started looking for things that looked familiar. She then saw that tint of red again. She rolled towards it as fast as she could until she hit something, hit something on the way, but she was going way too fast to look. When she got there, she dug through the leaves and…it wasn’t her mother. In fact, it was a red ladybug, so she was close. Not close enough though. Amy suddenly felt very low and lazy. She called this feeling glum because she hadn’t learned that feeling from her mother yet. She just sat there and cried for a couple of hours until the ladybug asked,
“Why so glum, little apple?”
Amy answered, “My mother disappeared and I don’t know where she is.”
The ladybug said, “That stinks. I’m so sorry. Is there any way that I can help?” “Well, you can help me figure out a plan to get back up to my tree,” Amy told him. He exclaimed, “I’d be glad to help! Let me get some of my friends to help us. I’ll be right back!”
“Okay,” Amy said.
An hour later the ladybug came back and introduced himself and his friends. He said, “This is Sam, Zach, Samantha, and I’m Fred.” I excitedly said, “Glad to meet you all, and thanks for lending a hand!” they said, “We might want to wait till morning to get started though. We can already see the sunset, and usually it doesn’t get any lighter from here.” “That’s fine, but I think that I might want to go on a journey to find my mother. Is that okay?” Amy exclaimed, “Sounds fun!” so everyone agreed that tomorrow they would plan their adventure and leave in two days. They were all so excited to start planning their trip that they woke up at seven the next morning to start making plans. They first planned where their route would take them. They decided that they would take the long walk to the big, old, red barn. By then, it would probably be dark and they would rest. The next day, they would walk to the end of the driveway on Niemen’s apple orchard and take a left. They would rest for the night and keep walking forward until they see the intersection with the construction signs, and take a left again. Then they would walk until they get to another intersection and sleep! The next day they would turn right at the intersection and walk until they get to the Tri-par gas station. Then they would walk straight downtown. Depending on what time they got there, they would take a left and keep walking downtown until they get to Sweet Trio. They would figure it out from there.

After a long day of planning they decided to pack tomorrow then leave Wednesday. That night Amy dreamed about that girl who she was supposed to meet that day, what was her name…Megan! She dreamed about all of the faces that could be Megan’s. Megan’s reaction when Amy wasn’t there when she showed up. Amy also dreamed about all of the faces that could have been Megan’s. Was she blonde or brunette? Did she have blue, black, red, hazel, brown, or green eyes? What did she wear? A skirt, dress, pants, leggings… that just kept on adding on to more and more questions, and possible answers. She was so confused, and starting to get warm. Then she popped up to walk to the pond for water. Werewolves, stars, darkness, bats and SCARY sounds! Amy started to second guess her trip, but her head then throbbed with pain once again. Then all of a sudden, she saw the shadow of a bat. At least that’s what she thought. This wasn’t just any type of bat either, it was a fruit bat. Obviously those ate apples! Amy started freaking out, but then she thought…that will only tell the bat that I’m here, so I have to hide. So she ducked down behind a nearby bush to hide. The bat just kept flying around the area. She was panting like crazy and wondering…what I should do next?
Then the bat was flying away finally. Amy started walking towards the pond for her now well-deserved drink. The pond was now in sight, and Amy started running towards it. “CRACK!” Amy froze. While she was running, she forgot to look down and stepped on a stick. Then a black figure started to take shape in the moonlight. This shape had red eyes! Amy decided it was now time to scream and run! Again, though while she was running she wasn’t looking and…SPLASH! She franticly started drowning. Down, down, down, down until the light started fading. Then, all of a sudden she saw a black figure come down and grabbed onto her.
Was she dreaming? No, then the object grabbed onto her pajamas and started tugging her up to the surface. She was so relieved that that someone finally saved her. Then she started thinking…who is saving me? She looked to her left and saw a slimy GREEN figure. Was it a fish, snake, fruit BAT? She didn’t know, and wouldn’t know until they got to the surface. When the sun was now clear the green figure dropped her off on the surface. Then she looked over one more time to see what the figure was and it was the…bat, it was the bat! She squirmed away and slapped the bat. SLAP!!! Then she started sinking once again. She didn’t even think that someone would save her this time. And no one ever did. She brought a whole new style to the deeps of the pond though which was good. It also took her mind off her missing or dead mother. Now she’s finally used to the pond and lives there permanently. In fact the deeps of the pond enjoy her company, and sense of style. Then she lived deeply, deeeeeply ever after.

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my favorite color is purple

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