Journal Entry

May 15, 2008
By Brett Harmon, Imperial, NE

Fruit. Fruit. Fruit. Ever since I have got to this wonderful land of milk and honey I have seen nothing but fruit. I can not believe how beautiful it is here. It is truly amazing, no more “shriveled” vines and dead plants. There is so much land here that I have yet to see. There is so many people, and they are all so laid back. It is as if they don’t have any wonders in the world. Crazy…I don’t know how they can all be like this. I guess it is just the differences we have all experienced as a nation. We (okies) have been enduring so many different (bad) things lately, that once we finally find laid back people, we think they are crazy, but after being busy and worrying all the time, I think it would be nice to be laid back. Then there’s these darned “ruthless” fools that are starting to make trouble with everyone, why can’t they just “straddle” the idea that we are all the same. I admit there are some of us (okies) that are a pain in the rear end…but they do not need to take it out on all of us. I say we should all just have a humongous picnic and sit around and enjoy this wonderful California fruit, and realize that the land we are in now is a special, “efficient” land, a “luxury”, and we are all blessed to be here…no matter what the circumstances are.

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