May 15, 2008
By Skyler French, Kalamazoo, MI

“This is the night.” “My last night to get them out of this house.”
“This big storm will give me the chance to get them screaming once again.”
“Let's take a look outside.”
“ ohhh yes, just my kind of storm.”
“ The trees and bushes are blowing over, and the gusting winds, and the trees rushing over the streets.”
“Let's go and get this game and call it over.”

“Alright I am going to need rope, duck tape, and most important the kids.” “HAHAHAHA!”
“Now all I have to do is go upstairs and do my naughty little plan.”
“Since I flew up here while you were still reading, I have already set up my obstacle.”
“My obstacle is to put the rope on the stair well and tie it across so they trip, then I will blow cold air upon them.”
“I am such a cool ghost:)”
“uhh huh uhh huh”
“Those kids will learn a lesson and that will be to stay out of my house.”
“Here they come those dancing little wannabes, I thought to myself”
“They won't even know what has hit them.”
“Since my work is done, I probably should go to bed, it is getting very late.”
“Let's go see who is up first this morning.”
“AHHH Lisa.”
“She is so strange.”
“She gets freaked out about everything.”
“Ohh and there are thee other mongrels.”
“They have boxes!!”
“Yes, that means that my plan worked!”
“They are moving out!”
“Let's go and see where they are going to stay because you know I might have to haunt them again.”
“Lookie here, they are moving into 1039 Morris Ave.”
“Maybe I will lay low because they probably think that they got rid of me.”
“But they didn't yet!”
“When night falls they won't know what to do.”
“Especially when there is a storm.”
“With lightning, and thunder, and especially with pouring down rain.”
“Also with gusting winds up to 60 miles per hour.”
“But I am going to let them get settled in to their new house and I won't pull any pranks.”
“Well I guess that I am going to go to bed.”
12:30 AT NIGHT!!
“What is that I hear?”
“Must just be the wind but you never know so maybe I should go and check it out.”
“Who are those people?”
“I know who they are they have a theme song called, GHOSTBUSTERS!”
“What are they doing here?”
“Are they trying to kill me again/exterminate me again?”
“That is what happened.”
“The kids called them and now they are trying to exterminate me again.”
“Keep it cool, Keep it cool.”
“Alright I will try and get them out of this house as best as I can.”
“Alright I am going to go downstairs and I will blow cold air upon them.”
“Alright let's go.”
“Whooooooo is just what I did.”
“You can do it!”
“Conciance stop getting in the way.”
“Alright I need to run now!!”
“Since I am upstairs now they can't get me.”
“I must of scared them because they are running out the door like a little baby.”
“Hahaha I got rid of them now they know- not- to- mess- with- Ghosty- the- Ghost!”
“I feel like a cloud that just let out all of its rain.”
“I am like a genius that just figured out a great math problem.”
“Wait, I am just a genius .”
“I tore through the walls and jumped into my liar and thinking of what to do now wasn't that hard because the kids were dirty little people and I was going to get them back one way or another.”
“Lisa, scared as can be, looked around the scene as she was an detective.”
“She is so gullible, I said to myself.”
“She couldn't stand one night by herself with me in the back of her head.”
“Lisa, a human with a heart, watched her every move.”
“I know that she wouldn't dare to try and exterminate me again.”

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on Jul. 8 2009 at 10:36 pm
bubbasamantha GOLD, Woodville, Ohio
12 articles 0 photos 41 comments

Favorite Quote:
Most dreams don't come true on their own; you have to make them true.  It takes a lot of work.  It's not easy, but not impossible, either.

I thought it was okay. It was confusing at parts. Keep practicing!

bbangs said...
on Aug. 11 2008 at 1:40 pm
This was an outstanding story. Looks like a future author in the making. This needs to be in print for others to enjoy!!!

Sassy said...
on Aug. 11 2008 at 12:43 pm
This was a wonderful story - very creative - well done by the author - it should definitely be published in print.

Shawn said...
on Aug. 7 2008 at 12:41 pm
This is a terrific article. It should definitely be published in print.

JLHART2 said...
on Aug. 7 2008 at 12:27 pm
Awesome story! It kept me wanting to read more and more of it.

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