Spring Break

May 15, 2008
By Jenna Pizarek, Kalamazoo, MI

“Mom where's the shampoo?” I heard Dana, my little sister yell.

“I already packed it!” yelled my mom. I was pack to go to FLORIDA!!!!! I was jumping with joy over how much fun it will be. I packed my my hot pink nail polish, my glittery lip gloss, my make up, stuff to do in the car, clothes, my blue and pink bathing suit, my blue and pink towel and a bunch of other things. I was excited where going to Florida, sad we have to drive and anxious to see what the condo looks like. Then after all the packing I layed down in my temperpidic bed and went to sleep

“Jenna, wake up! It's time to go,” I heard my Dad say.

“Ok! I'll be down in a sec.” I told him.

Before I knew it, It was 11:00 at night and we were in Florida. The condo is as bright as mickey mouses smile. Finally after checking in with the key place and getting some gas, we arrived at the condo. Its was beautiful here.

The lights twinkled with that Florida shine. The furniture was amazing. It had all different kinds of animal print on it . This is gorgeous. I thought to myself. This condo was like the coolest condo I have ever been in. were all just standing at the magnificent masterpiece. Florida, the warm and cozy place it is. Florida, the best place to be. Is right in front of us. I love it here. come on lets go see my room,” I yelled. OMG!!!! I have a plasma screen t.v. in my room.

“ Mom, look! I have my own bathroom!” I yelled. There was no answer though But then everything seemed to get quiet. Then I saw a weird looking curtain. I wonder whats behind this, I thought to myself. I moved the curtain it was just a window. Well I can at least see what it looks like outside. I thought to myself. When I looked outside I saw a pool. But no ordinary pool. I would call it a super pool. It had ten slides and was probably a half a mile long. LITERALLY. And it was empty. This was such a cool room. Then I found a controller. I tried to turn on the t.v. With it but it didn't work. Then I pressed 1 And my bed started to go into the floor. Then my life seemed to turn into a montage of me pressing buttons and cool stuff happening. And the cool part was our whole condo was like this. Then my little sister came into the room and said, “You are so lucky!” she had a this-is-the-coolest-condo-in-the-world look on her face.

“Dana go away I'm going to go to bed now.”I remember saying to her. “FINE!!” she yelled. Then I pressed 1 again and my bed came back up into the room. I layed down in bed and said this is the best trip ever.

“Dad I'm going to go to the pool, I have my phone if you need me!” I yelled. “Ok! Have fun” my dad yelled back. I walked out the door when I heard the elevator beep. “Hold the elevator,” I yelled. I was sprinting towards the elevator and just when I got there the door closed and I smaked into the door face first full on. It Hurt. I pushed the button as I held my head saying ow. When I got down to the pool there was a sign on the door that said “Pool closed.” So I went up to a lady and asked her why the pool was closed, and she said some little kid just pooped in there. “EWWWW” I yelled. The rest of my tips was smooth sailing. I had so much fun riding roller coasters and lots of other stuff.

“Mom, where's the shampoo,” I heard Dana yell....again.

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