Precious Dreams

May 14, 2008
By Amchelle Clendenin, Prairie Village, KS

I have had some wild dreams in my thirteen years of life, but there hasn’t been one as crazy as the time I dreamt that my family and I were famous treasure hunters searching for gold and jewels. It has been one of the most elaborate and intricate dreams that was like a story in a book; it was so bizarre. Although it was like any other night, there must have been something that produced this amazing dream.

It was a hot summer’s day in July and my brother, Edward, sister, Anastasia, and parents were on a boat on the deep blue sea. In my dad’s hands was a map that my grandfather had given him before he died. It was the map of Australia and a big red x was placed over the Tasman Sea. I remember looking at the crystal blue waves as they foamed and disappeared into the green with an occasional fish caught in the current. I looked up and saw my mom also studying the map; she was getting excited because we were close to the Tasman Sea. I knew that my grandfather had given us a treasure map, but we didn’t know what treasure we were looking for or where it would exactly be in the water. As we drew closer to the supposed spot my dad had calculated the treasure would be, I put on my diving gear and flipped into the crystal blue liquid below. As I fell into the water, I felt the cold water seep into the openings of my suit and travel down the curve of my body. I shivered from chill and anxiousness for what could happen next. I glanced at my sister and nodded in concurrence to start our expedition. I descended into the darkness below and looked around aimlessly for some indication of treasure. All I could see were little fish swimming close to my sides as if I were some form of protection from the terrors of the deep. When I discovered nothing, I swam back up to the surface where I found my sister waiting. Neither one of us had found anything. We both got back into the boat and dried off. I looked at my dad and noticed a puzzled expression pressed into his face. I walked over to his side and looked down upon the map. What were we looking for? Where was this treasure my grandfather had left for us to find? Still hope left in me, I suggested that I try one more time to find this treasure. I dove back into the water once again and tried to concentrate closer and notice all the details of the silent water. I stood still for several minutes; waiting for something to stir up the water. Then another fish attached to the side of my leg and I tried to shake it off, but it clung to my leg like a leech. I grabbed at it frantically and finally caught the pestering fish. I brought it closer to my face where I saw it clearer. I was so startled I almost dropped it and had to look at it again. The fish was not a normal fish, its scales were made out of glistening rubies that were hard as concrete. I desperately grabbed at another fish and plucked it out of the water. It too was this similar, unique creature, but it was green and made out of emeralds. I swam up to the surface with bursting excitement. When I reached sea level, I screamed out, “I’ve found it… I’ve found it… I’ve found the treasure.” My dad reached for my arm to pull me out of the water. I gave him the emerald fish and he examined it closely and then gave out a great yelp of excitement. By that time the rest of my family were up on their feet dancing happily. When we all settled down, my dad phoned one of his friends on shore and told him we would need some help with the new treasure we had found. It took about a week to gather all the fish, but as soon as they reached the shore, they were sent to the Sydney aquarium where they would live to be researched and studied. From that point on, the Kirkland family was known as an adventurous family that discovered the Tasman Treasure.

This really was an amazing dream; I have never had such an exciting time asleep. It was as if I was living through the whole experience. How I thought of such an elaborate plot while I was sleeping, was a miraculous task to accomplish. It’s hard for me to think of a good, complex theme for a story when I am awake, but to make up one while I was asleep just blows me away. It really is quite interesting what we can make up and invent without thinking at all; just dreaming.

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