The Child of Desern

May 14, 2008
By Tasha Navarro, Moore, OK

What is taking them so long? Pyrrhus, king of Rrothus, wondered as he paced his elegant throne room. The midwives had sent him from his spare quarters almost an hour ago. His brow crinkled as a frown played across is handsome features as he pondered about Adelathia’s condition. He realized pacing would do him no good and he dropped heavily onto his throne. The high backed throne seemed to embrace him all the while making him look even more regal than he already was. His eyes glazed and lost focus as he rubbed and toyed with the ruby pendant that had been in his family since the forefathers of his bloodline had seized their rightful place on the throne.
Twenty-Eight Years Earlier

“Racion! I am not going to wage war with Dathorn over a mere insult. None the less a petty one. Dartorus is a fool and a child. It wouldn’t be worth it.” Carrthus stated. “But sire Dathorn is weak, irresponsible, and a coward. We could take over and expand our boundaries.” Racion reasoned. “No and that is final!” Carrthus commanded. Racion bowed and stalked out of the room thinking the insult wasn’t the only reason he thought war would fix. Dathorn had stolen his rightful throne which was naturally his by birth but the previous king, Lathorn, had written him off as an accident or in political terms an illegitimate child. His mother was a maid in Lord Tarcion’s household but was young and a little irresponsible, so the lord had agreed to take the child and raise it as his own. For he and his lady were growing older and their sons had all died in battle which meant he needed an heir. Racion was fervently trying to think of a plan to persuade or force the king into waging war so he, Racion, could take his rightful place on Dathorn’s mighty throne. In the midst of his pondering he had ended up in the royal rose garden when a complicated but simple plan hit him. Why not kill the king? It was simple enough, Carrthus had but one child and his lady had died in the child’s bearing. All he had to do was ask the king to go hunting, for he was avid hunter and loved the thrill of risks. So the gorge game park was the perfect trap because it is true to its name, he would hire a beggar to help him for a few coppers. But right now he needed to persuade royalty if his plan was to succeed. Racion sauntered off in search the king.

“I haven’t hunted since Adathia’s death.” Carrthus whispered sullenly to his most trusted friend and confidante. “It’s time you start to let go. She was an intelligent and beautiful woman and she presented you with a strong and healthy son. Did she not?” Racion tried to consulate for he thought women to be no more than possessions. “Ay she did and for that I am forever thankful to her.” Carrthus replied. “Dawn approaches we should have already been off by now.” Racion urged as they swung up onto their horses. They galloped over the sturdy drawbridge towards Racion’s trap and Carrthus’s doom. They dismounted at noon in a wide clearing next to the great gorge, to eat their lunch and rest the horses. “This is a very fine day for hunting.” Carrthus said while staring at the blue sky with its clouds playing chase across its face. Racion nodded and calmly wiped his clammy hands on his breeches and brought out the food trying to make his hands stop shaking. Racion sipped his wine and mused at his cleverness as Carrthus poured yet another goblet for himself. Racion glanced quickly at the sun and inwardly growled about the deer not being here. CRASH! Both of their heads snapped up as a buck in his prime crashed through the underbrush. Carrthus slowly edged his hand towards his bow and when he found it he carefully nocked it, swung it up, and fired within the course of a couple of seconds. The deer dropped and lay there not moving. Carrthus and Racion edged towards the dead deer and Carrthus drew his knife and crouched over while cutting its throat. Racion was tense and started to back up but knowing that if he balked now there would never be another chance like this, so he shoved Carrthus, who landed on the edge of the gorge with wide eyes. Carrthus’s wide eyes was the last thing Racion saw of Carrthus as he watched the ground crumble underneath the king and plummet to the ground below.

He saddled the horses and galloped towards the castle. He arrived at the castle faking hysterics and shock so that he could hopefully fool the magistrates. He started to talk in gibberish and stumble over his words like a man who has never seen anyone killed. Some soldiers rushed to saddle horses and others scrambled to locate important officials while he made his way to his quarters to bathe and change out of his filthy, dirt stained clothes. Meanwhile, the magistrates conversed downstairs and decided they needed to question Racion. “There aren’t any messengers remaining to summon him.” One of the magistrates stated. “I’ll go” said Bertha Pyrrhus’s nursemaid. So she went and was extremely surprised to find Racion asleep in his bath tub like nothing was amiss.
Two Months Later

Racion his sitting there wondering how he is going to kill Pyrrhus, for he must go if Racion’s reign is to be somewhat permanent because Parliament had made him sign a contract stating he was only to rule until the boy’s eighteenth birthday unless he died. Racion’s mind was made as he growled to his wall “The boy dies tonight!” This Bertha heard as she rushed to the nursery and bundled the boy and some supplies up in a travel bag. She snuck down the servant’s stair and stole into the night. Bertha reached the palace gates and persuaded the guard to open the gates. The guard agreed but has he was doing so he something stirred in his mind and he asked Bertha what she was going to do once she was outside the city. “I’m going shopping in Basthian for Lord Racion.” She stuttered. To her relief the guard, in his drunken state, thought nothing of it and didn’t comprehend that Basthian was only five miles away and it would take no more than an hour to get there. Finally, Bertha was on open plain and she urged her horse into a gallop but they finally reached a colossal mound of rocks about three miles over the border in Desern. She took out the carved wooden dragon out from under her dress and whispered “Anguis melior, anguis amoris, anguis placeo venio ad!” Suddenly, a tall muscular man appeared on a royal blue dragon that hovers, then lands heavily. The man agily vaults off and comes closer. “Sirinius how have you been?” Bertha politely asks. “Well enough.” He replies, nervous. “Sirinius I need a great favor. Would you please take this child and keep him safe. For he is Carrthus’s son and in great danger from Racion.” She pleads. “I will take him and make him into a dragon rider if I can. Why is the boy in danger?” Sirinius questions. Bertha quickly explains,” He is the son of a murdered king and will someday take back his rightful throne. But for now he must be trained and protected.” She then leaves Pyrrhus with Sirinius. “My former love is amazing.” He whispers to Pyrrhus’s sleeping face.
Eighteen Years Later In the Wyrm Rook

“Wahoo!” Pyrrhus yells into the hot desert air while he rides Cobrinth his black dragon through the scorching sky. “Slow down and listen to me so you can learn to stay alive in your first battle!” Sirinius yells. Pyrrhus stops goofing of and asks “Why? I already know how to fight and I’m the best of my age group?” He does a loop de loop with a radiant grin on his face. “You must learn who and how you are going to fight” states Sirinius matter of factly. “You will be fighting King Racion for the throne of Rrothus.” “What!” Pyrrhus yelps. “Why?” “That is your rightful place and you must take it back. He murdered your father, Pyrrhus.” Sirinius explains while dismounting Cadanth. Pyrrhus dismounts from Cobrinth’s back awed. “But why did he kill my father, Sirinius?” Pyrrhus questions. “I do not know. All I know is that you must fight your father’s betrayer and murderer.” Sirinius answers. Pyrrhus leaps back onto Cobrinth’s back, his step filled with determination and rage. “Then let us train, Sirinius.” Declares Pyrrhus. He leaves a month later armed to the teeth and filled with revenge and bound for Rrothus on dragon back ready to fight Racion for his throne. He arrives during one of Racion’s loathed parades where he flaunted his wealth and power in front of the poor and defenseless. He and cobrinth land in front of Racion’s caravan. “Racion! I challenge you to a duel.” Pyrrhus roars. “And the stakes shall be… what?” Racion sneers. “The throne, the kingdom, and the loser’s life.” He snarls. “I accept your challenge. Pyrrhus.” He says as everyone gasps. An hour later they are facing each other swords in hand. “So you think you can steal my throne, eh Pyrrhus?” Racion asks as he lunges. “I don’t consider it stealing since it is rightfully mine.” Pyrrhus responds while blocking Racion’s lunge and throwing in one of his own. The duel continues for ten minutes when at the peak of the battle Racion makes a risky lunge and slips impaling himself upon his own sword. “You win.” Racion gasps as his eyes glaze over as death embraces him. As soon as the battle is concluded the High Priest shuffles into the arena and holds the coronation right there on the blood and dust coated ground. The priest asks Pyrrhus,”Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of this Kingdom of Rrothus, and the dominions thereto belonging, according to the statutes, and the laws and customs of the same?"
Pyrrhus then replies, “I solemnly promise so to do."
The High Priest says, "Will you to your power cause law and justice in mercy to be executed in all your judgments?"
Pyrrhus then replies,” I will.”
The High Priest then places the gold, gem encrusted crown upon Pyrrhus’s head.
Present Day

Pyrrhus snaps out of his reverie when the midwife runs in exclaims “It’s a boy… and a girl!” “It’s twins!” Pyrrhus yells holding onto the wall. He runs into his spare quarters and sees Adelathia holding a little boy and a tiny girl. He looks upon his children with a mixture of love and awe. “Aren’t they beautiful Pyrrhus?” Adelathia asks. “Yes; yes they certainly are.” He whispers. The boy grows up to be Dyrrhus the Divine and the girl becomes known as Athenia the Wise.

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