May 28, 2012
By Anonymous

Many years ago there lived the smartest princess in the land. Her best friend was a peasant, she met him when she was a little girl, however, their friendship was kept a secret because the king did not allow the princess to be around peasants. The princess was unlike her father; she rebuked his ideas and believed that everybody should be treated equally and with kindness. She was mutinous toward her father’s ideas and met her friend every day. Her friend, the peasant, was an ungainly boy and was looked down on. To everyone in the land he was a derision, nobody took him seriously, when he walked by the castle he could hear jeering from others around him. The princess ignored the cruel actions of others and assured her friend that he was a great person. One day the king was told the truth about his daughter’s friendship with a peasant. The king was infuriated and forbid the friendship the moment he found out about it. The king believed the princess should not being around simpletons such as her friend and that she should be preparing to be Queen someday. After hearing her father’s anger, the princess walked away sadly, in a somber mood. She told her friend that they could never see each other again and he was mortified. He felt horrible about the situation and blamed himself for the princess getting in trouble. They sadly agreed never to see each other again. However the princess was so upset that she could not see her friend that she expressed incredulity towards her father’s instructions and snuck out of the castle to see her friend. Unfortunately, news spread quickly in the castle and the king found out that the princess had disobeyed him. The king marched over to his daughter and the peasant and brandished his sword in the peasant’s face, warning him to stay away from his daughter. The princess stepped in front of her father and pleaded him to let their friendship remain. The king saw the tears in his daughter’s eyes and realized the way he had behaved was foolish, he allowed his daughter to see her friend as much as she wanted. The princess and her friend were so grateful to the king and their positive attitudes spread to all over the land and everybody began to respect the princess’s friend and the decision the king made to allow the princess to be friends with him.

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