William the Follower

May 14, 2008
By Ian Phelps, Mapleton, IL

It all started three months ago. That’s when she took my thirst for power and made me her puppet. Sure, I gained immense power from the she-demon Lamia but I lost all of my willpower. She had me destroying villages and ransacking castles and destroying those that once called me their protector. I would still be under Lamia’s control had I not heard the cries of those I once loved crying out in pain as they died. Their cries reached through the barrier that held my true self and set me free of Lamia’s control. I haven’t been able to recall my true identity so as I hunt for Lamia the people call me William The Follower. I have accepted this as my new name because I will follow Lamia to the ends of the earth if I have to in order to avenge those that she made me kill!
I traveled vast deserts and climbed ragged mountains. When I encountered a town that I had destroyed while under Lamia’s control I stopped and helped them rebuild and help the injured mend their wounds. Only once did I accept payment for my work and that was because I knew I would need both a sword and a battle-ax in order to fight Lamia. I have been sun burnt and cut. Those that remember me from when I attacked their villages have taken me captive and beat me until they were convinced that I had come to help them and seeking information. Once I learned that Lamia live in a castle in the barren waste lands of the northeast I had a direction in which to start searching. On my way to her castle I fought goblins, dragons, frog golems*, and the elements. It took me three long and arduous months but I finally found Lamia’s twisted castle.
The castle wasn’t difficult to get inside. It was only guarded by several hundred demons and dracians**. Once inside, now that was the difficult part. When I enter the main hall this man stepped out of the shadows. He started talking about how we are two of a kind, equals, brothers. That is when I realized he was all of the evil energy that I dispelled from my body that had formed together to form this mirror image of myself. He attacked first and all I could do was guard. I couldn’t do anything he knew all of my attacks and skills. Then I realized he had one weakness that we no longer share. He was fighting out of anger and rage. I dropped my battle-ax and grabbed for my sword when I saw an opening. Still blinded by his rage he charged at me not seeing my weapon on the floor. When he tripped over my ax I brought my sword up into his chest dispelling him forever.
I barely had time to collect my weapons and clean them when Lamia came strolling down the stairs ever so casually. Her long blonde hair flowing down her pale back. In one hand she was holding a war hammer and in the other she held a book. She then started to read from the book. I will forever try to atone for what I heard her read from the book. She told me that I had killed 1,390 men, 875 women, 735 children, and clubbed a whole mess of baby seals. I knew that I couldn’t undo what I had done but in order to start to forgive what I had done I needed to destroy the one that made me kill all of those innocent beings. I told her that I had come to destroy her and she did something that I had never seen her do before. Wings just sprouted from her back and she launched herself at me.
As slender as she was she somehow wielded that heavy war hammer in one hand just like it was a loaf of bread. The blows came down heavy and hard upon my sword but I stood strong knowing that all I needed was the smallest opening in order to destroy her evil heart. Lamia did nothing but taunt and swing, I just couldn’t find the opening I needed but then it happened. She tripped me with one swift movement of her long flawless legs. As I flew she scoffed and told me it was useless to try and destroy her cause I didn’t have any magicka.
That is when I felt some sort of energy flowing trough me and then I remembered what my true name was and what my hidden powers were. My name was Renaldo the Sorcerer and I had magicka***. The second I hit the floor I channeled of my power into one final blast. It hit Lamia just as I brought my ax into her chest. She stumbled backwards and asked me to save her she said we could be married and have a family. I grabbed my sword off of the ground and was poised to cut her evil brain from her body when a magickal blast exploded from Lamia’s body. Everything was dark then I saw a blinding light and realized I was no longer in my homeland but somewhere completely different. Lamia was also missing. I don’t know if she is dead but I will make it my mission to help those in need and become the defender of what is right in order to forgive what I had done one deed at a time. I swear this on my name as William the Follower!

* A frog golem is a rather large frog made from water energy manifesting its self.
** A Dracian is sort of like a human dragon hybrid made from dark energy. It is a humanoid with large claws and scales
*** This is simply this realms word for magic.

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