A guy who tried to get his life back on track

May 22, 2012
By bayonet556 BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
bayonet556 BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
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One day Bob, Terry, and Jim were walk and Terry starts complaining because he can’t walk anymore because of his weight. Bob and Jim told him to try to go to a gym once or twice a week. Terry thought about it for a few weeks then the next day Bob and Jim saw Terry on a walk by himself, so they both stopped and asked him about how his losing weight thing was going and he said “I haven’t gone to try yet” Jim asks why? Terry says “because if I can’t walk or run why try?” Then a few weeks later Bob and Jim went to 63/Terry’s house and told him that he should at least try and go to work out at a gym. Terry had to think about it again.
The next day he called Bob and Jim that he’s going to at least try and going to the gym for about once a week then he might change to twice a week. They both said great and that they will go with him to help him out and stuff. The following week Bob, Terry, and Jim went to the gym together and when they got there Terry said “I don’t know about this” Bob said “you will be fine you have me and Jim right next to you helping you.”

They started off stretching so that they don’t hurt themselves. When they were done stretching Bob suggested that Terry should start on the treadmill so that he can get some leg muscle. Few minutes into it Terry started complaining that his legs were hurting Jim said “that’s because you are burning the calories that you have in your body” Jim and Bob recommend he made water but some people hate the taste of water so they, made him put in the healthy stuff that makes the water taste good. When he took a drink of water, finally, he stopped complaining and got back to working out. Few weeks later he tried to give up on working out but when Bob and Jim said that he can die at a young age because of how obese he is. Terry was shocked when his own friend said that but it made him think about it either he dies at a young age or loses weight and continue to live life. After they were done with the first day Bob and Jim said that he is going to have to start working out on his own now. Just a few weeks after that Jim and Bob went to Terry’s house to check to see how his process of working out is going. When they got there they sat down and asked Terry how he is doing with his work out once a week thing. He said that that he decided to go once a day. Jim and Bob were shocked and then Terry said he has lost almost 15 pounds in the last few weeks. Both Jim and Bob were shocked about how his process is going. They said they will see him in like a month. About a month or two later they went to Terry’s house and Bob and Jim can’t believe what they see. Terry has lost almost 80 pounds in the last few months. He even is starting to eat healthy like no more fast food restaurants or anything of that.

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