Oh Dearest Journal

May 13, 2008
By Zachary Hutchinson, Wyoming, MI

Oh Dearest Diary,

Life has been nothing but sorrows lately. Just this past Tuesday the butcher down the street has been rumored to butchering anything but cattle. I’ve heard of many animals he has butchered; cats, dogs or anything running around the street. Supposedly he has been killing off all of the elderly ladies reading circle as well. Of course these all rumors but what am I to think?

This is no good news to me for I have always enjoyed my dear butcher’s mini cattle cuts that he started distributing right around the time that the pound had to go out of business. I never thought twice about all the saw dust covering my meat for I thought it was an old preservative technique and for all the flies the butcher told me it was a sign of good business.

Oh my, my own cat, Senior Fluffy Winkletins, has gone missing recently. The next day after he had been gone I was so depressed I had to get some thing to eat. Fortunately the butcher had just gotten a new order of mini lamb, it was so good. I must have been out of my mind as it smelled just like Senior Fluffy Winkletins himself. Woe is me journal, woe is me.

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