May 13, 2008
By Bailey Wilson, Columbus, MT

I stand there in my jean shorts and my favorite orange tank, trying to fight off the ferocious beams shooting down at me by the big yellow ball in the sky. With my mom by my side, I stand in front of the huge metal beast that I have chose to tame.

Mom looks at me and asks, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

I tell her, with a shaky voice, “No, doubt. I am ready to take the bull by the horns. I want to do this for sure! least I think I do.”

“Well okay, but don't you say I didn't warn you!”

“Okee dokee!” I say back in a hurry. We then take a step on the long maze that leads to the platform where the monster loads the passengers. We slowly move closer as the line that feels like we have been standing in for eternity. Step by step, I can feel my body getting more and more tense, and before you know I short of breath and sweating like a racehorse fighting for the finish. We come close enough to see the Colossus taking prisoner to the poor souls who dare to climb in it's shaky carts. My mom and I finally walk onto the platform and can here the screams of the poor people who are trapped on the metal beast right this second, and then to my amazement I hear the most blood boiling voice you will ever hear say, “ Bailey you shouldn't go onto this ride, you are making a huge mistake even thinking about!”

After gathering my breath, I look around to see where the voice was coming from and to my astonishment didn't see anyone. I ask my mom, “ Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” she asked sounding confused. “Oh, never mind.” not wanting to sound stupid.

I hear it again yet this time all it does is laugh. I look around and then softly ask, “ What in the world do you mean?

“Oh Bailey, just trust me.” Yet this time when I hear, I look around and find that it wasn't someone standing around me, it was my stomach. I freak out and start scream! “ AHHHHHH!”

“Whoa!”, Calm done we aren't even on the ride yet!” my mom says looking at me dazed with wonder. She then asks, “Are you okay.”

"Oh, yes sorry just am a little nervous thats all!"

"Well now is not the time to back down, its our turn on the monster."

I take a step on the platform, and look at all the tormented faces coming off the ride. I then take a step into the the heated metal carts and sit down feeling a little worked up. A loud voice comes over the speakers and says, “ Please do not raise you hands above your head for the duration of this ride. Standing on this ride is not tolerated by the park rules. Please follow all rules and have a fun time riding the Colossus.”

The safety bar is lowered down and encloses me inside, it clicks and locks like the sounds a of a jail cell taking away my freedom. With the safety belt secure and the bar locking me in, the cart slowly slithers forward and starts making it's incline to the top. With my heart racing and my limbs sweaty, I hear the voice again taunting me, “Oh, really have done it now! Bailey you are going to be sorry?

“Whatever, leave me alone!” I say with in an angry tone. As the roller coaster leans me back in my seat, I hear it.

“Click..Click..Click!” With every sound I hear the whiter my knuckles get, as I squeeze my own indentations into the cushioned handle bars in front of me.

“Click.” I hear again yet this time its followed by the voice in my stomach.

“Oh no.. Bailey!”


“ You are sure in for it now.”


“ You should be scared.”


“Almost there.”

“Click... Click......”

“Oh! What were you thinking”

“Click!” Just then the monster stops for half a second, and slowly creeps forward. The voice in my stomach released all the butterflies as it said, “Here.. we.. Gooooooooooo!”

The roller coaster dives for the ground and gains speed before heading into the turn and curves the beast throws in our direction. We whip around the corner and head up the first loop, then without breathing the monster journeys up the second loop and dives back toward the ground. With every turn I loosen up and enjoy the thrill of the wind in my hair. Finally the monster slows down and we find ourselves back on the platform once again. We walk down the the line to join with members of the park when my mom asks, “ Well how did you like.”

Feeling victorious I smile, but when I want to start talking I hear the voice say, “ Did you really think I would let you get away with riding that? “HA!” No way.. think again miss!”

Just then I felt as if someone had punch me in the stomach, I run over to the nearest garbage can and drop my head inside. Just before I taste my lunch the second time, I hear the voice for the last time ring in my head......


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