Dear Journal

May 13, 2008
By Tori Palmer, Discovery Bay, CA

Dear Journal,

The day started like any other as I called for my Ladies in waiting. I arose the sound of the servants working in the kitchen preparing for a feast later that day, when I heard the dreaded cry, “The Vikings Are Coming!” Before I knew it, the door was broken down and swarms of men were running through the doorway of the entrance. As they were invading the front room the knights were holding them back to gain some time to run away. I was told there was enough time to try to get away and to report to the nearest cave in Deathwood for the chance of surviving the deadly attack.

I quickly grabbed the sacred necklace in the chest made with valuable steel and lined with gold. It was given to me by my father who was once a King, he trusted me to give it to Queen Margret by thirty days after his death. He died only two days ago after fighting a deadly flu. I knew that I had to keep it hidden so I kept the chest in the back of the room behind a dead brick of the castle. My worst fear was of the invaders to win over the castle was slowly and brutally coming true.

If the necklace did not meet the Queen Margerett of Scotland in thirty days, I would have lost my title of royalty and would be given to the invaders for slavery or beheading. As I ran out of the secret escape route of the castle, a Viking jumped in front of me and grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the ground. Out of nowhere, the head night jumped down and beheaded him. I quickly thanked him and ran away as fast as I could.

As I was running away, I heard a clutter of footsteps following behind me with their armor clinking loudly with a heavy pace. I turned my head looking for any place whatsoever for them to lose my trail. I was about twenty yards away from being beheaded or sold into slavery. As thoughts of death filling my head, I could not think and stopped and turned around just to find three dead men laying in a thick coat of quicksand. Slowly being sucked lifelessly into the ground. Out of breath and feet cramping in pain, I found a nearby cave only a half a day away from Deadwood there I slept on a bed of leaves and got some rest.

On the next day, with my legs still soar from the day before, it was quite hard to walk. I just felt good that me and of course the sacred necklace was okay and in my unknown pocket, under my dress. Drenched in pain, I arrived in Deadwood, and announced the victory of our castle in sorrow. Being an ally of devastation, they supplied me with a horse, a compass, and freshly grown food from the garden. I knew I had a long trip ahead of me and prepared for the worst. The castle in Scotland could be as far as two weeks with no complications.

I was given new clothes and a dress after mine was ripped to pieces in the chase. I also got a nice gown to be presented to the Queen in. Who knows if I’ll make it or even if the Queen would like and accept the necklace? All is unknown.

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