Shower Time

May 25, 2012
By Anonymous

There is a trick that I love to play on my brother while he is in the shower. Of course, he hates it but I think it’s hilarious so that’s okay. You should know that my brother is notorious for taking the longest showers out of anyone in my house. Considering there are four girls in my house, that’s really saying something! He could use up an entire hot water heater by himself if my mother would let him.

One day when he was taking one of his hour long showers I got an idea. I had just walked into the bathroom to grab my tooth brush and noticed how hot it was. The steam was condensing on the mirrors and walls because, of course, he “forgot” to turn on the fan to suck it all out. I could hardly breathe. It felt like a sauna.

I was also irritated because I still needed to take a shower and I knew he was going to use up all the hot water. This wasn’t the first time he had cheated me out of a nice hot shower. I wanted revenge.

My revenge came in the form of a cup of ice water I had poured a few hours ago. The ice had melted but the water was still frigid. I left the bathroom (after turning on the fan) and went to grab the cup. I was happy to notice it was one of our larger cups. My brother was about to get an icy reminder not to be so rude by sucking up all the hot water!

Sneaking back into the bathroom wasn’t hard. The water was pounding on the walls and the fan was whirring loudly so there was no way he heard me. Slowly, I worked my way over to the shower curtain. The best way to do this was to pour the water over the top in the general area of the shower head. That way I would be most likely to hit him with the entire cup full.

As the water poured out of my cup I heard a satisfying shriek, some loud thumps, and then the grand finale. The icy down pour startled him so much that he slipped and fell. But the best part was when he fell he brought the shower curtain down with him. He was an embarrassed and cold crumpled heap on the shower floor. Needless to say, he learned his lesson. Now he takes super shot showers because he constantly lives in fear of someone pouring icy water over his head.

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