An Innocent Halloween

May 13, 2008
By Nicole Rood, Independence, KS

It’s Halloween, thought Megan. The night when every teenager in the town of Sumner all sneak out or cause all kinds of problems. Megan never liked Halloween much, it always gave her a dark, evil feeling. She enjoyed Christmas or Easter so much better, but in Sumner this was the night when anything could happen, the night you are suppose to show your dark side and do something you may never do on any other day. At least that’s what all of her friends say. Megan always stayed home on Halloween she would rather give out candy to trick-or-treaters than do something crazy, or something she might regret, but not this year. Evan Cooper had convinced her other wise. Ever since the beginning of Football season she and Evan had been having a thing for each other. Everyone tells her he is interested in her, but he hasn’t asked her to be his girlfriend yet. When he asked her to spend Halloween at his house with a few other friends, it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. He said that it was going to just be about four or five people, everyone would bring some games and they would all have a good time together, this way they could all escape the wild and crazy parties they all had been invited to. It would be completely innocent, she wouldn’t expect anything different from Evan. Megan went home and changed into something cute and comfortable. She brushed her shoulder length brunette hair, making sure it looked just right and checked her makeup one more time before heading out the door. Evan had asked her to come a little early to help him get the house ready, she was glad to do so.

Evan herd Megan’s car pull up. He looked out the window to see her, she was gorgeous. She had her hair partially pulled up into a barrette letting the rest fall to her shoulders. He loved how she kept it natural, she never dyes it or cuts it all crazy. She has such a natural beauty about her that takes his breath away. “Breathe Evan” he says to himself before he opens the door to let her in. “Hi” he says with a smile. “Hi Evan.” He lets her in and shows her to the living room. “You look nice” he says taking a seat next to her on the couch. “Thank you, you don’t look to bad either.” She could feel the heat rushing to her cheeks. “Who all is coming?” She says trying to control her blushing before he notices. “Uh, I know Allen, Jake, and Calvin are coming. I hope that’s okay.” “Yeah that’s fine.” “Allen will probably bring Sarah, and Calvin will probably bring Gina, you know they are all inseparable.” “Yeah that’s fine.” They got up and set out the chips and dip, and all the drinks when they herd the door bell ring. It was Allen and Sarah. Not to long after that Jake, Calvin and Gina all showed up together. “So guys what games do we have?” asked Evan. “I brought Yhatzee, and pictionary”, said Jake. “I brought a game.” Said Gina. “It’s really fun to, it goes perfect with Halloween.” “Really, what is it?” asked Evan with a puzzled look. “It’s a Ouija board.” Megan gave Evan a nervous look. “I don’t think we will play that.” Evan said. “But why, it has never hurt anybody, come on it will be fun and thrilling. Don’t be a party pooper Evan just because your scared of a little game.” “We are not playing a Ouija board Gina, those things are evil.” “Come on lighten up a little man, it could be fun.” Said Calvin giving the board a look over. “No you guys can go some where else and play if you want to play it that bad.” “Fine whatever” mutter Gina as she put the board away, “lets play pictonary.” Megan leaned close to Evan’s ear and whispered a thank you. Evan set up the game and after he and Megan had won about three games he decided it was time for something else. He leaned close to Megan and put his mouth by her ear. “Hey will you come talk to me for a little bit?” Megan’s heart began to race. “Yeah of course.” “Hey we will be back in a little bit; you guys can play the next game with out us. He and Megan then turned and walked towards the den at the other end of the house. “Well, what game do you all want to play?” asked Jake. “Well now that they are gone we could play the Ouija board.” Said Gina pulling the game back out. “I don’t know Gina; if Evan knew he would flip out.” “It will be fine, they will want to be alone as long as they can, we will have plenty of time to play for a little while.” “Fine I guess I don’t care.” Gina set the board up, lit a few candles she brought and turned off the lights. “Okay the game is really simple, all you do is talk to the board, who ever his holding the arrow will ask something and the board will answer, it is never wrong.” “Ummmm….let’s see, I’ll ask something hard.” Just then Evan’s dog started barking outside. “Perfect, what is Evan’s dog’s name?” The arrow began to twitch and move towards the letters. “Z”, everyone read the letters the arrow was pointing to in amazement, “E…U…S” “Zeus” said Gina with a giggle. I told you this thing was good.”

Evan and Megan sat on a small couch in Evan’s den. Evan took a hold of Megan’s hand and intertwined her fingers with his. Megan looked deep into is dark brown eyes, he was so handsome, she knew what was coming, the conversation she had been waiting for, for the last three months was about to happen. “Megan…” he said. Her eyes looked like they were looking straight into his soul, just like they always have. “You mean so much to me, more than any other girl has ever meant to me. You understand me, and morals and values, things that so many other girls just throw out the window. Your one in a million Megan, I mean that.” Megan looked down for a moment then rested her gaze on him again, with that familiar twinkle in her eyes. “Wow, that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me before.” “I mean it Megan; I would like nothing more than to call you my own.” “Are you saying you want me to be your girlfriend?” Evan gave her a smile. “Yes, I know you can have any guy you want, but please settle for me.” She gave him a slight nudge with her shoulder teasing him like she always did. “I only settle for the best Evan, so yes I would love to be your girlfriend.” His eyes danced as he embraced her in a hug. Their eyes met again, she looked deep into him again, into those beautiful eyes, into his beautiful soul. Her heart began to pound against her chest because she knew what was coming. He lowered his head and touched his lips to hers lightly and innocently. “AAAAHHHHHHHH” a loud scream came from the living room. Evan and Megan broke away with a fright. “What’s going on?” asked Megan dazed and confused. “I don’t know.” Evan got up and headed towards the living room. Megan followed. On the way there they saw Calvin bolt to the front door and lock it. “What’s going on man?” Evan said confused. “There is someone out there Evan, some guy.” “How do you know that?” “Because the board told us.” “The board?” “Yes the Ouija board told us.” “Calvin I told you guys not to play that game.” “Well we did anyway and now there is a crazy guy outside.” “AAAHHHHHH” another scream came from the living room. The lights were turned off when they walked in, the only light came from the candles. “I saw him, he has a baseball bat, Evan he is trying to kill your dog.” Jake was on his knees peeking out the window. Allen was in a corner holding Sarah close trying to calm her and Gina was sitting on her knees trying to receive another answer from the board. “Gina quit with that thing.” Evan said angrily. “Told you not to mess with that tool from hell.” “It’s helping us.” Said Gina concentrating on the board. “It wants you Evan, the man is after you.” “What why?” “Because you don’t like the board, it wants you gone so we can play more.” “This is over.” Evan walked to his fire place and turned the flame on. He walked to Gina to take the board from her. “NOOOO” she screamed as he tried to take it from her. She began punching, and kicking doing anything she could to keep him away. “Evan the man is walking this way.” Yelled Jake from the window. “He is coming towards the window.” “Give me the board Gina or else it will kill us.” Megan ran over and helped Evan get the board from her. Glass crashed everywhere as the man busted the window open. Evan tackled Gina and slid the board from her hands. “Megan put this in the fire!” Megan grabbed the board from Evan and hurled it in the fire. Then just as the board did, the man went up into a flame and was no more. Evan was breathing heavy and he looked down at Gina. “Gina, are you okay?” She opened her eyes and looked up at him in a haze. “What happened, I blacked out.” “A lot happened Gina, do you remember anything?” “No the last thing I remember was getting the Ouija board out and I asked it what your dogs name was. I passed out after that or something because I don’t remember anything.” “We will explain later, right now I think we all better call it a night.” “Good idea”, everyone said in agreement. Allen looked up at Evan, “Hey Evan, you need a place to stay tonight?” “Yeah that would be nice; I don’t feel comfortable being here tonight.” “I don’t blame you.” Evan turned to Megan, “Are you okay?” he asked taking her up in his arms. “Yeah I’m just a little shook up.” “I know.” “Megan you can stay with me tonight, I would rather not be alone either” said Sarah. “Thanks Sarah”. Evan pulled her back so he could look at her “Let me drive you over, I’ll get my stuff real quick.” “Okay”. With that everyone grabbed their things blew out the candles and headed home, realizing that maybe it’s best to stay innocent, even on Halloween.

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