We Are the Unseen

May 13, 2008
By Christopher Shadbolt, Ridgewood, NJ

He fell down the well. How careless can you be to fall down the well? The oil that absorbed into his clothes was enough to get a new watch. Thankfully the man wasn’t dead, a leg and rib broken but nothing more. Why’d he fall though? He was running before he fell in. Running away from some thing. Maybe the heat got to him. Yeah, that was it. 120 degree heat was making the idiot woozy. It can get hotter here in Arizona, though I just hope it doesn’t. Oh by the way my name’s Keith Rogers and I am an oil tycoon. I was about to have a million bucks until it happened

I was in my house eating dinner with my wife. We were in our mansion living the life until I woke up. It was all a dream, a sweet, sweet dream. I was in my tent now sweating from the morning heat. “Next time I look for oil, I’m picking a cooler destination than Arizona,” I said to myself. I got out of bed and looked at my pocket watch. It was the newest type, not only did the watch tell time but it also had the date. May 16, 1887. The clock read. I skipped the not needed information and went right to the numbers I wanted. 6:00 AM. The watch read. I had slept in. Quickly I got dressed. I was ready for another day of screaming at people to work faster. I opened up my tent only to see the stinging sunlight. I walked outside half-blind, but by the time I was at the oil tank I could see fine. I looked at how much we had pumped since they started today. I estimated about 30 gallons. “Only 30 gallons? I told them to start at 4 ‘o’ clock!” I said aloud. I ran to the well and called up to my assistant, Toby who had been supervising the workers since they started this morning.

“30 gallons in 2 hours?” I queried him.

“Yes, sir,” He said guiltily.

“Toby exactly what time did the workers start?”

He whispered with fear in his voice “5.”

I quickly slashed my hand across his face, hopefully hard enough to knock some sense into him. “Now Toby, I am going to stand here until that tank reaches 60 gallons. And every half hour if the tank isn’t at 60 I am going to hit you again, each time harder.” I quietly told him.

I stood there the next hour watching Toby running around, trying to motivate people to work harder. I couldn’t help but to chuckle a little. Every 30 minutes he’d walk up to me with his head down and his hands clenched in a fist. I could tell that he was getting himself ready.

After the third hit I heard a noise. A strange noise, a noise no human had ever heard before. It was a grunt, an inhuman grunt. It wasn’t just a grunt though, there was also a gurgle. These two noises seemed to be mixed be mixed together to form the one disturbing noise I heard from behind myself.

I quickly spun around to see footsteps. Steps like a reptile’s but bigger. With footsteps this big the creature had to be at least as big as 3 feet. But the strange thing about these footsteps was that they were appearing out of nowhere. Like the creature was invisible! I was curious… and stupid. So curious and stupid that I followed this invisible creature for what seemed hours. Every so often the creature would stop, as if it were checking to see if I was still following it. “It wants me to follow it. This invisible creature wants me to follow it!” I yelled to myself. As soon as I yelled this the creature stopped. And even though it was invisible, I knew it was smiling.

It was evening and I was partially insane. The darkness almost seemed to add to the mystery of where this creature was taking me.

We stopped at a cave. And then I knew that the cave was the place where it was taking me. I was frightened by this, I wanted to run, but the choices were die in the desert or go with the creature. I chose to stay with the creature, which was a bad mistake.

I stepped into the cave to find what was the species’ village. Holes in the wall where the creatures lived; there were two levels: a balcony that rung around the cave, and the ground. There were drawings all over the cave: One of a giant slug creature.

The creature had tentacles protruding from all over its body (these had no suckers). Its head was a mess of tentacles (these had suckers). Its head was monstrous. It was like a giant squid’s head and abdomen cut off.

I rubbed my fingers over this drawing. However I did not want to do this. It was as if my hand was possessed! Suddenly new knowledge was thrown into my mind. Things about the Crytiseans, Halkostius, Talidya, and the Halkent: the creatures that serve the tentacled monster, Halkostius. The Halkentt: the creatures that suck blood to stay alive. The Halkent: the creatures that turn invisible!

I looked up and saw I wasn’t alone anymore. Surrounding me were hundreds of Halkent. These creatures are the most revolting beings I have ever seen. Their upside down dog heads combined with their lizard feet would be enough to frighten you but the terror doesn’t stop there. Their arms were the same form as a gorilla’s, and worst of all Halkent have excessory veins.

I spun around slowly gaping at all of them. All were either drooling or licking their chops. I raised up my hands and screamed my last words “Halkostius shall wreak havoc on all!” The last things I saw were the Halkent jumping on me, and their hands reaching for my flesh.

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