Story of a Girl

May 8, 2008
By Brittany Pugh, Auburn, WA

Suzan Wellings was a 13 going on 14, in two weeks. Suzan loved to do all sorts of things such as… quading, playing baseball, hanging out with the boys after school, and playing video games. See Suzan was an only child, Suzan’s mother and father had died in a car accident. And her uncle had adopted her.
Her uncle had 3 boys no girls and her aunt had died in labor. Her cousin’s names were Brice, 13, Jay, 10, and Ian, 4. Her dear mother and father had left her a Ford Saleen Mustang 05 Model, a lot of money, and her dog Lacy. Lacy was a golden retriever.
While Suzan did have a lot of fun living with all boys and playing all the time, she longed for something more, but what? Suzan did not have many of her own friends, just the ones that she played sports with, she had no best friends. Let’s just say that Suzan and Brice were good friends.

At school Suzan had band and played the Tenor Saxophone. Suzan played every sport that the school offered. And no offence to the boys but she was better than a lot of the boys at her school. The girls at her school and all the boys liked her, not “like” but liked her as a friend, except for one, Matthew Kline. Matt was a tall dark guy with dark green eyes. All the girls at Susan’s school liked him except Suzan. Suzan was not the average girl.
School was coming to an end, and there was one last dance. The “Schools out dance”, the dance was on the last day of school and Suzan really wanted to go, but there was a small problem, you had to have a date to get in but no one had asked her to go. So Suzan decide that since Brice had a date she would stay at home with her uncle and Jay and Ian. Soon the last day of school came and Suzan still did not have a date. Suzan did not EXPECT to get a date in time for the dance.
After school Suzan sadly started to head home, her head hanging. Matthew came running up to her calling her name to get her attention. Suzan stopped and let him catch up because Matt wanted to walk her home. As she waited she realized that Matt was the thing missing in her heart. And she wanted him to ask her to the dance. Matt caught up and asked Suzan if she would let him walk her home and if he could talk to her. Matt told her that he had asked Lyssa to the dance. Suzan’s heart sank and Matt could sense it. Then Matt saved her the tear and went on,” Suzan, she said I should ask you not her.” Suzan was so happy! She couldn’t hold back her happiness! Before Suzan made it to her house she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and a bear hug. She was so happy that he had asked her!! This was so great, when she went in side she danced all the way to Brice's room and told him the great news, they were so happy that they did their secret hand shake, and gave a quick hug to one another.
There was just one problem Suzan lived with a lot of boys, so she never wore dresses, she told Brice the problem and he said that he would call his date and ask to borrow a dress from her since they were the closer in size than the other girls in the school.
It was the last day of school, and Suzan had a dress and a date. Suzan did her hair up in its natural curl, and wore a pretty prom dress. Brice said that she looked pretty for a girl who’d rather ware shorts and a t-shirt. Matthew was in awe, shocked by her beauty.
When Suzan walked in to the gym that night holding Matthews’ hand everyone stopped dancing and looked right at her. The girls all started staring at her, with little glares of jealousy in their eyes. All the boys’ jaws dropped and they literally started to drool!!!
When the night was over and the last 24 hours of the school year were over, Suzan began to wish that she had liked Matthew at the beginning of the school year. But she was soon to realized that it was better that she liked him now and not then. Suzan kept in touch with Matthew almost all summer. Then Matthew went to Wisconsin and did not keep in touch much after that. Suzan was heart broken and Brice was the first to notice that she was sad.
It was a bright sunny Wednesday and Suzan was out walking her dog lacy, when she passed Matthews house. Matthew was outside in the front yard, and he was not alone. Kelley Jones was there, kissing Matthew! Once Suzan saw him she looked on at him and tried to understand what made her like him and then it happened, he saw her! She ran as far as her legs would carry her with tears in her eyes. She ran for the fear of losing her dog to the evil social workers, she ran to get away from Matthew, she ran upset about not having birth parents, and last she ran because she did not want her cousins to see her crying over so many things.
It was way after dinner when she returned home, Matthew was there. When Suzan saw him she ran up to her room and slammed the door. She hugged lacy and whispered to lacy “I’ll never ever love a boy again.” she changed her clothes and waited till the front door opened and closed and Matthew was going home to go down stairs to get something to eat. She grabbed some left over spaghetti and put it in the microwave and grabbed a tub of ice cream. And later that night the ice cream was gone.
A week later Brice asked Suzan if she wanted to go to the movie theater with him and his girlfriend. Suzan did not want to go so she told him that she would pass.
Suzan was bored so she took Jay and Ian to the mall and the park. They had lots of fun until they ran into Matthew at the mall. Now Suzan knew that she could not run from Matthew forever. But it did not matter. All Suzan wanted to do was go into a store and hope that he didn’t follow. But then Ian realized that it was Matt, and ran up to him to tell him how sad he’d made Suzan. And Ian was 4 years old so you couldn’t really get mad at him, so Suzan sighed and went over with Jay to fetch Ian. Matt turned his head down and then looked at Suzan and told her that he was sorry and he wanted Suzan to forgive him. Suzan did not want to forgive him, but because of what her father said she did. Suzan's father always said “First time shame on you second time shame on me!” and Suzan's Father also told Suzan that if a boy ever kissed a different girl, but was still going out with her then to forgive the boy but don’t go out with him, because he just showed you that he is not true to his girlfriend. So Suzan forgave him, but told him that they could at the most be friends and no more for a while to let Suzan forget what happened the other day.
That Summer Suzan had some good days and some bad days. On her good days she usually was hanging out at the ball field or at the Gym, walking the track or running on the Treadmill. But on her bad days she was just plain bored and was digging holes in the most remote places in the woods out behind her house and then filling them up again, thinking, about everything.
It was the last Monday of the summer which meant that she would be going to school soon. On this Monday Suzan decided that she needed to go school clothes shopping. And that is what she did. Let’s end this story on a good note. The next school year was much better than the year before. And Suzan got a new boyfriend his name was Trevor.

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