Five Years Old

May 8, 2008
By Emily Rayburn, Cincinnati, OH

After waiting until after lunch, the water was finally warm enough for Lily to jump in. As if that mattered. Her mother handed her her favorite Thomas the Train towel and she made her way down the deck to the crisp blue pool waiting for her. Tossing her towel in the air, she leaped into the water and watched as the colors of her floral one piece bathing suit became even more vibrant then when she put it on. A cool breeze swept through the leaves of the trees that surrounded her, which in return sent goose bumps across her damp skin. The lawn had been freshly mowed so Lily swam around pushing the remains of the grass that clung onto her feet out. In between all of the splashing, an airplane was slipping by and she stopped and looked up to see if anyone was admiring her pool she waited hours to be ready for her. When the plane had passed and no more grass was in the pool, she found herself bored. She wanted someone to play with, and since her sister was too young and stole all her mother’s time, she just sat in the blue water, her hair a wet curly mess on top of her head. So there she sat in the lukewarm water waiting for some fun idea to race into her thoughts.

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