Facing the Reality

May 8, 2008
By Katie Morrissey, Cincinnati, OH

Chestnut curls bounced around her face as she treaded through the bustling halls of the junior hallway. Ruby lockers watched her push and shove her way to her destination. The swarm of bodies made her dizzy, but she pressed forward in search the sanctuary of the glass door. She had a mission.

Crinkling the note in her clammy palm, she reached the sun grazed door that led to her desired place. Feeling the wrinkled paper under her shaky fingers, she remembered the scribbled handwriting perfectly: Sara, meet me under the giant oak at lunch. I need to tell you something. It’s really important. Kevin.

The sunlight blinded her emerald line of sight as she squinted from the sudden exposure. She made her way down the sidewalk that held precious memories of her three years at Emerson High, and her heart beat ferociously beneath her chest as she neared closer to her purpose. She knew very well what he wanted to say to her; she had known for two years, but closed her eyes to his hints and messages.

Well, she tried at least.

Sara pretended to not pay attention to the intense but gentle pleading in his eyes. She pretended not to notice the way his hand fit perfectly into hers, that his hugs weren’t warm and protective, that his scent was not utterly intoxicating.

That her heart did not beat a thousand times faster.

She was a fool, and she knew it.

Her stomach curled and flipped while she wished desperately that she could run, run anywhere but here, but her legs moved mechanically and completely out of her control. Turning the corner of the sidewalk, blossoms greeted her in the spring air as a gentle breeze tousled her curls and cotton skirt. The giant oak stared down at her in its spring glory, and her lime gaze caught the 17-year-old sitting discreetly under the proud wooden arms of blooming verdant leaves.

Gathering her last ounce of courage, her feet led her forward. She lied to herself all along, and she had to face the truth that was her best friend in front of her.

Sensing her presence, he stood and greeted her with the gentle chocolate eyes that made her soar every time. The face of truth stood before her, and Sara was ready to take the challenge.

There was no more fear, only honesty.

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