May 8, 2008
Every spring when the flowers bloom the sprites wake up from their deep winter sleep. One of these sprites included a little one named Lily. Each sprite is born with a special power of their own. Lily had a power to talk with plants and animals.

One day as Lily was flying over the forest she heard an animal calling for help. Lily being the kind and helpful sprite she is went to the poor animal’s aid. When she arrived, she found a baby squirrel who couldn’t find his parents. The baby squirrel had gone to look for a playmate but wandered too far and got lost. She told the squirrel to stay put until she found his parents. She then flew off in search of them. She asked the great mother oak tree, but she hadn't seen hide or hair of any squirrel that day. She asked the flowers on the forest floor, but the daffodils and violets had only seen the baby squirrel scurry by.

Full of doubt Lily decided to go back to where she left baby squirrel and maybe retrace his steps. On her way she heard a faint
“Wait!” she flew down to find a buttercup flower smaller than she.
“Was it you that called?” asked Lily.
“Yes, I know where the baby squirrels parents are!” “How could a small flower like you know?” asked lily. “I saw them pass by yelling for baby squirrel not too long ago.” After the buttercup told her which way she saw the Squirrels go, Lily thanked her and flew off in their direction. Soon after she saw them ad caught up to them.

Meanwhile the baby squirrel still in the spot Lily left him started to weep. “Don’t weep baby squirrel!” said lily as Lily flew over with baby squirrel’s parents not far behind. The baby squirrel was reunited with his parents!

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