Um... I Kind of Need a Little Help

May 7, 2008
By Manuel Zavala, Roswell, NM

“Hey, Bob,” hollered Jessica.

“What do you want,” boomed his response.

“Get up you sleepy behind down here and let’s go. We don’t have all day.” Jessica was a girl who thought she had to go to everything. The county fair was in town, and, boy was she excited. She was kind of slim, but not toothpick-thin.

“’k. Be down in a jiff.” Bob was the slacker of the town Roswell, New Mexico, but only because he was smart enough to be gifted, and yet, he was in regular education. He was a regular sized boy who was very friendly and enjoyable.

He got up from his futon and got ready for the day’s thrill rides, funnel cakes, and fun rip-off games. He put on his regular type of shirt, polo, and his favorite pair of pants and off they marched to the fair. As soon as they got there, they sensed a disturbance.

“I wonder what the commotion is over at that food stand,” Jessica thought out loud.

“I don’t know, but we might want to check out the other stands,” commented Bob.

“You think they know anything?”

“No. It’s because there are no lines, and I haven't had breakfast yet.”

“Well, I think we should go check out why there’s a crowd bigger than Texas over there,” and sure enough, she got her way.

When they got to the food stand, Bert’s Burger Barn, they found it was no burger that the crowd was staring at. There, in front of there faces, was a small figure with a head that matched Roswell’s Main Street lampposts.

“I didn’t realize they actually existed,” one tourist said in amazement.

“I thought they only appeared in sci-fi novels,” another testified.

It was an alien! A female alien, ignoring everybody around her, all she simple said was “Mr. Bob, Ms. Jessica”, repeatedly.

Bob was surprised that something so amazing was looking for him. Jessica, however, wasn’t.

“I’m Bob,” he stuttered.

“And I am Jessica,” she said in a manner like it was so obvious.

“Yes, yes,” the alien supposed, “You both fit the descriptions. I’m Themis, and you see ...well... um... I kind of lost my spaceship.”

“How, are we supposed to help?” asked Bob.

“Well, on my home planet, NoC, we have a prophecy that if we run into trouble in your solar system, we would find you immediately and it just so happens that I lost my ship in Alien Capital, USA. I’m actually here to pick up the other aliens that crashed here back in 1947, by your calendar. On my planet...” she talked in a discursive manner.

“OKAY! God, just shut up already,” screamed Jessica, “We’ll help.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Where did you last put your ship?” asked Jessica.

“Oh, I think I let it somewhere on Main Street, but on my planet...” in her discursive manner she began to wonder off again.
“Ugh, here we go again," complained Bob.




“Okay, it was somewhere around here,” said Themis. She was in front of Ginsberg, the local music shop, “I remember because, everyone was staring at me when I went to get a sip of coffee over yonder.” She pointed over to Out of this World Café.

“Okay, let’s go check out the alien museum,” suggested Bob, “and while we’re speaking of it, can we stop at Out of this World Café so I can eat?”

“Thinking of food, again, Bob?” asked Jessica.

Once they arrived, they immediately began to search.

“I just can’t seem to find it,” said Themis.

“Well look harder…I think I found it,” said Jessica looking out the window, “I believe that you forgot that you parked it in the parking lot!” She was aggravated.

“Oh yeah, I forgot I came here first. Well I am old enough to be your great, great grandmother.”

“How old are you,” asked Bob.

“By my calendar I’m two years old.” Bob and Jessica were as stunned. “Although, on your planet, I am three hundred fifty-two years old.”

They all traveled out to the parking lot, and saw the older aliens from 1947 in the cockpit. "Well let's see what the future has in store for us next," Themis told them. The ship blasted off, and Bob and Jessica began a conversation among themselves.

“I think I'll forget this by tomorrow,” said Bob impressed to see someone more forgetful than him.

“Yeah, I think you’re right,” replied Jessica, also amazed.

“Do you think anyone will remember this?”

“Probably your stomach will.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Let’s go get something from McDonald’s.”

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