First Kiss

May 7, 2008
By Kayla Loyd, Kewanee, IL

I watched Shay as we walked down the old cracked sidewalk that led to her house, which was located, exactly, one block away from mine.

I couldn't help but to watch her. She had no flaws; or at least I didn't think so. She moved so gracefully, and stepped quietly as a mouse.

I had no chance with her--none at all.

She was part of the 'in' crowd, and I... Well, I was the 'geek,' as in, band geek, book worm, type of guy.

And get this, the 'in' girls even told me that they would date me it I wasn't such a geek.

Yeah, right.

But I really didn't care about them, I wanted Shay.

"So," She sighed, trying to make small talk to break the awkward silence, "I had a nice time tonight. The fair was a blast." She looked up at me with a smile, making me drool over how beautiful she was, with her long wavy silver hair, her silk smooth skin, and then there was her smile, which made me melt.

Then there was me. The tall, not to muscular, geek. I had the most unworkable brown hair in the universe, the deepest green eyes, and lets not forget about the 'geek' glasses.

I was doomed, how would she ever like me?

I nodded. "Yeah, today was fun, I had a great time too." She smiled up at me, her eyes twinkling.

"We should do this more often, Caden." My mouth fell open with a 'pop' noise but I quickly closed it.

She want's to do it again?

"Um, yeah," I stuttered, sill in shock, "That would be great, Shay." She laughed at my expression then stopped.

"Well here's my stop." She turned to face me, and with a swift movement brought her lips to mine and kissed me.

It was like my body just took me over, I didn't even know what I was doing, my hands went to the small of her back and pulled her closer to me, while my mouth worked the magic.

She kissed me one last time, hugged me, then turned without saying anything else and went up the blacktop driveway that led to house.

I waited until she went into the house, then yelled with joy.

My first kiss... And by the girl of my dreams.

That was one day that I would never forget, because she saw who I really was. She didn't just judge what I looked like on the outside. Shay really did understand me.

And that was what I wanted the most.

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