Closet Buddies

May 6, 2008
By Brittany Obermeyer, Papillion, NE

Every teenage girl has walked into a store in pursuit for their next pair of perfect jeans to show off their exquisite body type and shape. It is not a simple task and involves a great amount of fatiguing effort and dedication. Most start off by looking for a pair they are attracted to and then they act by searching for a price tag. If it’s a suitable expense, then comes step three: The dressing room. Of course, there is the possibility that someone could try on more than just one pair of trousers that fit, but nonetheless, the dressing room is where everything is determined. Do they fit correctly? How do the jeans feel against their legs? Are they comfortable? Can they get into them without a hassle? If everything works out, the jeans are purchased and are now part of someone’s life. In a very unusual, but astonishing and clever way, this is greatly alike to meeting someone who could potentially turn out to be a best friend.

Obtaining a new pair of jeans is a very complicated matter. People can be particular in what style of jeans they prefer. There are skinny jeans, flared jeans, some embroidered or embellished, others adorn with pockets, zippers, or even the trendy rips and tears. Taking a studied glance at the shelves and soaking in all of the many shapes, sizes, and shades can be overwhelming; the choices are endless. Imagine being in a room full of unfamiliar faces and being faced with the same dilemma. There are many different types of people with diverse personalities. Finding the one friend that fits perfectly is an important step in the expedition.

Now, in the dressing room, the decision of whether or not the jeans fit becomes a significant choice of the process. Are the pants to their liking? Do they have anything in common with the shopper? Should things work out, the jeans are purchased and placed in the closet in hopes of becoming a cherished friend. Often, however, it is found that the pants are not cut to fit the girl, and thus they are returned to their denim haven. Just as jeans are meant to accentuate someone’s physical attributes, a true friend should bring out the best qualities. Honesty, integrity, respect, humor, someone they can count on; these are a few of the virtues most people look for in a friend. Sometimes, friendships fail due to the lack of similar interests, or simply because people change. Compare a fading friendship to the many dissolving flavors of a Gobstopper: the longer it’s savored, the flavors change. Not all of the tastes are to everyone’s likings.

Eventually, with time, the jeans evolve into a faded, broken in, grungy pair of denims, becoming prized and precious. The ghastly rip into the knee, the nail polish stain, the unraveling hems; each blemish only enhances the true value of the pants. They are still the comfortable and loved jeans they always were. Lying to a best friend and getting caught, falling for the same guy, teenage gossip; do these shortcomings change anything? Of course not, they only create a tighter bond for friendship. At the end of the day they have become best friends. At the end of the day they have become the favorite pair of jeans. Love is within the rips and holes, faded and stretched knees, flaws, glitches, little lies and dramas whose weathered threads are sewn into the story of life.

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