That Person in Your Life

May 6, 2008
By Melissa Acosta, Amarillo, TX

There's always that special person in your life that you would do anything to be with them. I have a friend and she liked this guy, the only problem is that I liked the same guy.

Wow, I can't that you like him he's so ugh. In my head I was really like, "I can't believe she like's him, but he likes me better.'' The girl that liked him , her name was Becka. Becka was so crazy in love that she couldn't tell from her right to her left. We were walking to class and there he was looking as cute as he could be. It was as if he wasn't even trying to look good, but he naturally did. Anyways, as we were walking to class my frenemy Becka was giggling and giving him the google eyes. So as I was walking I "accidentally" tripped her and she fell flat on her face. Then the thing I regretted was that when she fell, he picked her up and comforted her. My plan to make Becka feel horrible wasn't going as well as I planned. I had Becky in PE and I knew at that moment that I could do something to sabotage her whole day. I went into her locker and took her clothes and hid them. Once again my plan turned out to fail me. She put her gym clothes for the rest of the day. Then I saw him and he was heading towards me, but then Becka was behind me, and he went to go hug her. She was still in her stinky clothes, and he still liked the way she looked. Becka looked very happy, even though I looked very unhappy. All my plans to make him dislike her was going terribly. I wanted to make them more separated, but I actually made them even closer than ever. He was going to be my dream man, not hers. I realized now, why was I doing this? This is my friend, not my enemy. I was only thinking of the positive, and not the negative. Not only could I lose a guy, but worst of all I could lose a friend I really care about. So remember when you think about a guy you like, you always have to remember out your friend's before any guy out there in the world.

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