May 6, 2008
By TIffini Frank, Columbus, MT

I whispered, “What happened?”
My head throbbing, toes cold, body stiff, and throat dry.
“Oh, honey we're so glad you're okay.” Both parents said while they hugged and kissed me.
“I'm thirsty.” Lifting my arm for the cup, feeling like a ton of bricks.
“Mike get the doctor.” My mom said. My dad walks in with my doctor.
“Stacy, this is Dr. Brice.”
“Hi Stacy, I was the one who worked on you. How are you feeling?”
“Thank you, I'm feeling really weak.”
“You should get some rest and I will check on you tomorrow.”I nodded my head and smiled.
“Honey, I'm going home to get some clothes and wash up from work. Your mom will spend the night with you.” He kissed me goodnight and left.
My mom got comfortable in the chair. I closed my eyes.
I was back in the car laughing with my best friend Cindy. I thought maybe the hospital room was a dream. All of a sudden, glass was flying everywhere and my head hit the steering wheel. My best friend's portrait popped up, and her eyes full of pain and hurt. She was mouthing something, but I couldn't understand it and she quickly faded into the darkness. Everything was shaking and I heard a faint voice calling my name. I thought it was Cindy, so I yelled,
“Stacy, wake up, Stacy.” My mom said sternly.
“Cindy.” I was sad to see my mom when I opened my eyes.
“Stacy, you were mumbling and yelling 'Cindy'.”
“Mom?” (I wondered if this was true.)
“Yes, Stace.”
“Where is she?” (I hoped she was okay.)
“All I know is that she was in surgery the same time you were.”
“Can you see what room she's in?” (I thought she should have had her seatbelt on.)
“I will, only if you go back to bed.”
“I want to see her now.” Then, I remembered the mental photo of her laying on the ground.
“No! It's late and she is probably sleeping which you should also be doing. You can see her tomorrow. Okay?”
“Fine. Mom? I love you.” Closing my eyes to hide the pain of my broken hand and I'm back in the car laughing and singing with Cindy again.

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