May 5, 2008
By Thaddeus Tuck, Elk City, KS

Champ was sitting at his desk his normally spiky purple locks were drooping it was so hot in his office. He wiped off his pale brow and pushed his drooping bangs behind his slightly pointed ears. His tongue grazed one of his sharp pointy canines as he licked his dry chapped lips. He was reading a report on the renovations going on across the island and the academy, the report was mostly on why the climate control system had failed and why it was taking so dang long to fix it. Champ was about ready to go fix the dang thing himself when he received an email from Professor Nicogry that she was sending three students up to his office one at a time.

The first student to enter was a punk kid named Dylan Cathoway he had a horrible record of bad grades and many disciplinary issues. He too was feeling the effects of the heat, go figure the kid was wearing baggy black clothing that weighed twice as much as he did, his long blue locks drooping down to lay on his shoulders. The kid’s deep ocean blue eyes held a glint of mischief in them, his pointed ears pinned back to his head, and he smirked, showing off one of his pointed canines. His sun tan blended in with the temperature as he took a seat in one of the three chairs his headmaster had just created. He just sat there quietly waiting for show to begin.

The next student to enter the office was Natasha Oogildow her orange hair spiked to look like flames. The rings in her nose, lips, eyebrows, nose, and ears looking like door knockers as they glinted in the sunlight entering the office through the one small diamond shaped window. She started yelling at Dylan about he was how he was a horrible boyfriend and that he shouldn’t have let her get in trouble. Champ just tuned her out until furniture started to fly across the room. She may have been a small four foot very petite girl, but dear stars was she strong as she threw chairs, novelties, and ornaments at her boyfriend. Then she started shooting curses, hexes, and jinxes at Dylan destroying one of the walls in the office. Champ finally cast a tranquility charm on the girl and reversed the damage done to his office, Dylan however had not faired so well he had gashes, bruises, and a broken arm from the outburst.

Champ healed Dylan’s wounds and finally managed to get Dylan and Natasha to sit down quietly when the next student arrived. She walked in the office gracefully until she saw the two sitting and she started to quake in rage. Her name Mollie Dravonwick, but her nickname was flamingo because of her “facial features”, her flamingo pink hair, and the way she liked to stand on one foot for long periods of time. Her normally sunken yellow eyes flashed a brilliant hot pink as she called on the power of the flamingo gods. Suddenly Champ’s office, the academy, and the island were filled and covered in giant pink flamingos. The flamingos swarmed the students of the academy as well as began to attack Natasha and Dylan. Champ had no idea what the reason for the attack was, because Mollie was Natasha’s next-door neighbor’s sister’s aunt’s cousin’s great great great grandmother’s second daughter’s cousin three times removed, also Natasha’s best friend. Mollie was finally subdued after about two hours of dealing with the outraged flamingos with the use of a titanium steel croquette mallet the Champ just happened to have in his office from the national semi-annual croquette tournament. Finally with the flamingos vanquished, the girl and her friends subdued, and finally all three were sitting in the three chairs.

Suddenly the door burst opened and Professor Nicogry tired to get in, but her giant green hair bun got stuck in the door way, I mean the doorway was only four feet wide. Professor N. as many of her students came to call her was only four feet tall excluding her hair bun. Her giant ornamental earrings glinted in the dim light as she struggled to enter the doorway. Champ snapped his fingers as the elderly old witch flew in the room and went straight through the small window only being stopped by her giant hair bun. After another half hour of meaningless resolution they finally got her back in the office. She started screaming at the kids and raving about his and that. Suddenly she started cackling, her eyes flashed red, and she started to chant, “Oo Ookini, Oo Ookini your flesh will burn in the realm of hell while the devil consumes your soul.” The shadows of the school flowed and surrounded her. In the mean time while all this was happening Champ and three trouble makers were having a cup of crystalanian tea and talking about what the kids had done.

She glared at them and screeched, “You pay attention I’m trying to take your souls here.” Champ looked at her and said, “Did you say something? I wasn’t paying any attention.” She screeched and pulled out her cane and began attacking Champ. Champ used his croquette mallet to defend himself. The cane came down extremely hard with the power of the shadows she had absorbed snapping Champ’s mallet in half. Champ’s purple eyes flared a bright purple as he growled out, “You broke my mallet now you will pay!” Professor N coward at seeing Champ so angry and raised her cane ready to strike. Champ was inflamed in a bright purple glow as he walked toward the mad professor. He touched her cane and it dissolved into nothingness. He then reached out and touched her forehead she faded from existence.

Once calm was restored he turned toward the three and said, “You have all been punished enough today, but so help me if I ever see you in this office again for a disciplinary problem you regret it for the rest of your life!” with a flash of his eyes. They fled the office as quickly as humanly possible determined to not to get into any more trouble. They walked down the corridor leading to their dorm in silence. Once they got inside their dormitory they all slumped down into the big squishy arm chairs of their common room. The large fireplace was devoid of flame and motion even though it was supposed to be the middle of winter.
Champ had canceled all his appointments for the rest of the day and had gone to bed after casting an artic conditions spell on his dormitory.

Well that’s what he would have liked to do, but unfortunately like most good plans it fell all to pieces. The three students did go back to their common room. After they had made up they decided we don’t need this school and began to plan the destruction of the island. So after a couple of hours of planning they were ready to implement what they called operation School Annihilation. Natasha went to the East side of the island and placed an orange obelisk, Dylan went to the West side and placed a blue obelisk, and Flamingo went to the North and South side of the island placing a pink obelisk in the North and a green obelisk in the South. They went to the tallest tower and transported onto the roof. They began to chant to the animal gods and suddenly the island was filled giant flamingos, salamanders, snakes, and frogs. They swarmed and attacked everyone on the island as they rampaged at their masters’ command.

Champ raced to stop the islands impending doom, but would he make it in time or would all his hard work be for naught and the island destroyed.

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