Daddy's Big Great Boat

May 5, 2008
By Adrian Moreno, Monte Vista, CO

As we approached the dock my daddy said, "Sonny I have a surprise," in his southern Alabama accent. "I'ma fixing to get a brand new boat."
I asked "How's mama feeling about this?"
"She don't know yet and she aint fixing to neither right!" I knew daddy was serious when I say that look in his eyes.

"But you know when mama hears about hte boat after you bought it she's going to flip." Mama was the one who did all the money arrangements.

"I'ma planning to make one, it costs less." Now let me tell you about daddy. He is good at fixing things. I mean he could almost fix everything and I mean everything but when it came to making something it always fell apart nothing he made lasted a day. Then I told him, "Daddy you know everything you make always breaks."

"You hush up now I'ma fixing to make a boat and that's what I'm going to do!" Me and daddy aruged all the way until it was time to go home then he said, "Don't tell your mama what I'ma fixing to do," and so I didn't.

That night after I brushed my teeth and said my prayers and while I was waiting on mama to tuck me in I thought of a question to ask daddy the next day. Then mama walked in and sai, "Time for bed." Mama was a real smart lady. She got her schooling at this great big school called "Harvard." That's where she met daddy. Daddy always said if I didn't have mama he'd be a wild man and I didn't believe him though because he was still a wild man well in a way I guess. Mama was real gentle and sweet when she said, "August it's time for bed." Then she tucked me in to bed and kissed me on the forehead and turned off the light and left.

The next day me and daddy got started on our boat and we did the same thing for about 3 months. During the time daddy would get real mad and start to cuss. Mama hated when daddy cussed. It was a good thing mama wasn't there he would have been in trouble. After we finished daddy said I think it's time to try it out. I didn't want to whine or tell him, "You actually want me to ride in that thing?" So I told him, "Oookay" with hesitation.

So we tried to get it out without anyone knowing but grandpop had to be nosy and cam and said, "Fred what have you done this time."

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh nothing Mr. Loki."

"Does my daughter know about this? YOu know she hates when you buy stuff without her knowing it."

"Well that's where you'r wrong I made it."

"Ha ha do you think it's going to work? I'm going with you to laugh when it sinks."

"You aint going to go with us," my dad said mad.

"You better let me go or else I'm going to tell Kate." So we ended up taking grapdpop with us or else he would snitch on us to mama. As we approached the river we slowly put the boat in the water and carefully hopped in after it all it was a Daddy Production. It stayed up and then it sailed I couldn't believe it actually worked. Something daddy made actually worked. Grandpop was mad at the end of the boat but daddy was proud with a big smile and he should be. Mama wasn't too happy though.

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