A Family Matter

May 5, 2008

Who am I? Where am I from? What is my purpose in life? Yes, yes! I thought about it a few minutes ago. As a result, I hit my head against the wall and I’m seriously dizzy now. How stupid is it to think about it? All I have to do is study for my test tomorrow. I frowned. Why do I have to live like this? Life has to be enjoyable! Are you there God? Are you even listening? I sat and thought about what I’m doing here. My head was too high. It was painful. My head was still dizzy. Well, what am I supposed to do?

The weather was gloomy. It was gray. I’ve got to go home. It’s just a few blocks away. I stood up. I suddenly felt I got a blister on my feet. Okay, be like that.

“Need help?” I smiled. “Hey Carson! How did you know I was here?” He shrugged. “You are in front of our school. I thought you were waiting for me. Weren’t you?” I looked around. Was I still on the campus? Oh, my gosh! Yes I was. I smiled slightly. “Do you want to go home now?” Carson asked.

Dangerous—oops! No! No! Oh, finally, I was holding over ten books from the school library to prepare for my mid-terms. Then, someone hit me. I fell down, so, as a result, I’m suffering under the books. Each book was so thick and heavy, and I was still dizzy. Anyway, I could feel everyone looking at me. Ugh, shame on me. Suddenly, someone moved the books away, and it was better for me to figure out what happened.
“Are you okay?” The handsome blond guy asked.
“Do you think I’m okay?” I frowned, still dizzy.
“Well, sorry, but you should be more careful.”
“What, does he think it’s my fault?” I thought. “You should be careful.” I shouted and stood up holding onto the books again.
“Let me help you. Where are you going?” the mysterious young man inquired.
Oh, now, he bothers me a lot. That stinks.
“No thanks. Oops!” The books were falling again. The blond guy quickly helped me. He smiled. Well, he’s not too bad.
“Okay, fine.” I said. “Take me to the dorm, please.”
“Yes, ma’am!” he snapped.
Umm, he’s pretty hot. Well, that’s cool.
“Um, so, are you a student here?” I asked.
“Oh, yeah, only temporarily. I’m an exchange student.” He smiled. He’s as shiny as a new penny.
“Cool. What university do you go to?” I inquired.
“Harvard.” He proudly announced.
Oh my god. He’s perfect—charming, smart, and good mannered. Time was passing by fast. When I thought of what to ask, I was already at the dorm’s entrance.
“Oh, I didn’t even ask your name.” I laughed.
“Sebastian. Yours?” He looked at me inquiringly.
“Helen.” I shrugged. “It’s not really a pretty name.
“It is pretty.” He said emphatically.
“Oh, thanks. So this is my dorm. Thanks for carry all those things for me.” I made a thank you face. Quite frankly, he was really charming.
“Umm, okay. Well, for my apology, can I buy you dinner tonight?” He asked.
“Hurray! Wait! I promised Carson that we would eat dinner together tonight. Oh. Umm, what should I do?” I thought to myself. My mind was racing like a train on a straightaway.

“Yes.” Helen answered happily as if she was waiting.
“When do you want to meet?” Sebastian smiled gently.
Helen suggested that they meet two hours later. Sebastian nodded his head and got out of her sight. Helen sighed with all worries. “I’m not cheating!” she shouted to herself

She put all her books down on the floor when she arrived home at her apartment. She was very tired, but she was excited to be going out with Sebastian. She had to get ready to go to dinner with her Price Charming—Sebastian. Helen laughed at herself. Then she started to get ready. She picked out the white jeans and comfortable white tee shirt that she bought the last time she went shopping. She took a quick shower and dressed in the clothes she had laid out on her bed. She thought she looked good as she looked in the mirror at last to check that she was okay. Her long brown hair touched her shoulders. She was pretty thin even though she thought of herself as being fat somehow. Helen rolled her brown eyes and put on diamond earrings that sparkled in the light—a gift from her mother. She checked her apple red purse to make sure she had everything she would need for her dinner date. Then she slipped on three inch red heels and was out the door.

It was awesome for her to have dinner with the hottest guy she had ever seen. She went to an Italian restaurant with him—Rafagino’s. Soft music was playing in the background, and it was romantic enough to make Helen realize that she was falling in love. They exchanged cell phone numbers, and Helen felt a little guilty for standing up Carson.

When Helen arrived home she quickly went into her bedroom. It was always her safe haven. She kicked off her high heels and slipped out of her tee-shirt and white jeans. Her white lace bra and briefs accentuated the curves of her suntanned, athletic body. She sat on the side of her four poster bed and prepared for bed. As she tossed her bra onto a nearby chair, she reached for her cell phone to speed dial her best friend Michelle. She slipped into a short white vintage cotton nightgown that was lying on her bed while she was waiting for Helen to answer the call, and by now she was beginning to feel relaxed and good all over.

“Hi, it’s Helen.”
“Oh, hey, what’s up?” Michele asked in a voice that sounded exhausted?
“I met a very hot guy! His name’s Sebastian and he’s an exchange student. He goes to Harvard. Anyway, I ate dinner with him. It was awesome! I couldn’t wait to tell you about him.”
“Well, didn’t you tell me that you were going to eat dinner with Carson tonight? How about him”
“I lied.” I whispered.
“What?” Michele shouted.
“I lied to him. I told him I had to go to a funeral today.”
“Well, what did you do with Sebastian?” Michele wanted to know.
“We went to the restaurant I like the most. It was very romantic. We ate dinner, and he drove me to the dorm. I smiled continuously.”
“But you don’t live in the dorm, do you?”
“Hush, Michele! Women always need secrets.” I countered.
“Is he half Japanese half American like you?”
“No. He’s American. He said he likes my brown hair and eyes.” I offered.
“Well, do you really believe that?” she said suspiciously.
“Don’t be sarcastic.”
“Hey, Helen, be aware that you already have a boyfriend.” Michele reminded me.
“Okay. Yes, ma’am.” I replied softly.
“Oh, okay, then. I’ve got to hang up. Bye.” Michele snapped.

“Hey, over here.” Helen waved her hands towards Michel.
Michele grinned at her as she sat next to Helen. “Hey, what’s up?
It was a very nice restaurant with Jazz music. Helen’s eyes were green, because she wore colored contact lenses. It was weird, Michel thought for a second. Helen usually wears her green lenses when she’s gloomy or hyper. There was a silence for awhile. Michel broke it with a girly question.
“Um, like your tee t-shirt.” Helen wore a comfortable t-shirt which said, “This is why I’m not.”
“Oh, thanks. It’s from H&M. Um, I’m not sure actually.” Helen frowned.
“How about your jeans?” Michel dropped her jaw. Helen was very strange today.
“From Hollister, I believe.” Helen wore normal jeans with stripes on the upper part. Michel shrugged, because Helen used to say, “It’s not fashionable to wear clothes from Hollister or H&M.
“What’s wrong with you?” Michele finally shouted.
“It’s a long story.” Helen sighed.
“What is it? Tell me about it.” Michele said with curiosity.
“Umm, no.” Helen refused. Michele made a face. “Come on.” Helen thought for a second.
“Carson.” Helen said.
“What about him?” Michele was sort of excited to hear what happened.
“He…” When Helen tried to talk about him, someone’s phone rang. Helen smiled. “I’ll bet it’s mine.”

Ugh… So sleepy. Wait. What time is it right now?
Helen took her cell phone quickly and checked the time. It was 11:46 a.m.
“Oh, my God! The class will start at twelve!” she shouted to herself. She went to take a shower as soon as she checked the time. However, it was already past ten minutes from 12 o’clock. It was totally not her day. She wore blue jeans and a pink sweater. She couldn’t thing about her outfit any more. It was a real big class she had to take this quarter to be a lawyer. Real big one. She picked up her car key. She barely used her car. She used it when she went on a trip to another state with her friends. Her apartment was twenty minutes from her school, so that she used to walk to her school with fresh morning air. It was absolutely different now. She almost flew to her car which was right in front of her apartment. She was almost in a panic, so she drove really fast. Anyways, it was lucky for her not to meet the police. She parked her car in the faculty spaces, because she had to get to class quickly and there was no spot in the student parking lot. She ran as fast as she could in 7 cm high heels. Everyone looked at her strangely. Helen cursed herself zillions of times. She got into the lecture hall. Quietly, she opened the back door of the class. There was a professor talking excitedly about something. She took a seat in the back.

When she saw the professor straight, she dropped her jaw. What is Sebastian doing here? She hid her face with the textbook which says The American Law. She was in more of a panic then when she realized that she had overslept. Helen was nervous, because Carson would be here too somewhere. She couldn’t see him in this big class. She sighed with all her worries. What should I do? “Oh, Jesus.” she laughed. What a funny situation to be in she thought. A few minutes passed, and she recognized Carson as he waved his hand. He was only two rows in front of her. Helen smiled very awkwardly.

Helen was dressed really casually. She wore a purple hoody with dark blue skinny jeans. She walked to the dorm quickly while checking her watch every single minute. As soon as she got there, a black fancy care pulled up in front of the dorm. Helen smiled and got into the car.

“Hi lady. How are you doing?” Sebastian inquired in a lively manner.
Helen answered laughing. “Doing okay. You?”
“I’m so fine.” Sebastian answered as he turned on the radio. It was playing A Thousand Miles. Helen laughed. “Oh, I know this song.” Then Sebastian chimed in, “I know this song too.” They sang along to the radio together and laughed so hard.

Sebastian led Helen to the movie theatre. Helen chose the movie The Year My Parents Went On Vacation.
“I hope it’s a good comedy.” she said. She sat on a bench and waited while Sebastian bought popcorn and sodas for them. She stood up when she saw Carson. Very naturally, she turned away and repeated, “Oh my God.” over and over again. She wondered why he was here at the movies. He had told her that he was going to Florida for a few days to attend a conference. She turned back and saw Carson again. He was with a girl that she didn’t know. Helen frowned. “What the heck is he doing here in the movie theatre?” she thought.

Helen sighed. She wondered what she should do in this situation. She shivered. “Oh my God.” she whispered to herself. She was in such a panic that she didn’t even realize that Sebastian was right next to her with a large tub of popcorn and two sodas. “Hey what are you thinking about so intently?” he asked. Sebastian smiled curiously.
“Oh, I was just thinking about the movie we’re going to see.” Helen smiled awkwardly.
“Are you sure? You don’t look so good.” he said with a worried expression.
“I’m totally fine.” replied Helen as she shivered a little. Her face had turned pale too.
Sebastian wasn’t sure what to do. He put down the popcorn and soda and sat next to Helen.
“Just tell me if you don’t want to be here.” he said.
Helen smiled. “I’m totally okay. I think the show already started. Let’s go inside. We shouldn’t waste our money like this.”
“Let’s go then lady.” Sebastian said in his gentle way that always touched her heart.

Helen was very tired after watching the movie. She was extremely nervous that Carson was in the same theater. Her heart pounded over one hundred times per minute. Thus, she couldn’t even hear a word during the entire movie. She said it was very funny that Sebastian even thought it was a very sad movie. Sebastian wondered why Helen acted like that in the theater. Of course he didn’t know the reason. Of course not! Sebastian sighed with worries. Helen smiled awkwardly continuously when he asked the reason. Sebastian wanted to tell her that he’s not that stupid not to realize the problem like this. Sebastian got a cigarette and made an excuse to Helen for two minutes. While Sebastian was away, Helen’s cell phone rang loudly in her purse. She sighed and answered it quietly. “Hello.” she murmured. “Hi!” When she heard the voice over the phone she shouted, “Mom?”

“What’s up Helen?” a lively voice came from the phone as Helen held the phone intensely. “Not much. Did you call me to force me to get engaged to a man I’ve never seen before Mom? As I told you before, I won’t do it. I just cannot accept it.” As Helen finished, the laughter was loud over the phone. “I am not forcing you, dear. I was just suggesting a man who would be appropriate for you sweetie. Anyways, where are you?” Helen narrowed her eyes. “Why are you asking? You are in Korea anyways.” Helen wondered and felt danger somehow. “Mom’s at your home dear daughter.” Helen was pale as a ghost when she heart that. She had to hang up, because Sebastian returned after his call. She didn’t know what to do. Her heart still pounded, because of her Mom’s surprising visit. She asked her question.. Why is she here? She got into the car and sighed. She started to say carefully, “Hey, Sebastian. I have some stories that I lied about to you.” Sebastian grinned and asked what they were. Helen stared out the car window avoiding Sebastian’s gentle blue eyes. “I don’t like living in the dorm, and…” Sebastian listened quietly as her tale of lies unfolded. “I already have a boyfriend. Sorry, I didn’t mean to fool you.” Helen was almost in a panic as she confessed the truth to Sebastian. Sebastian shrugged. “So where is your real house? Give me the address. I will take you home safely.” Helen’s jaw dropped with astonishment. “Is that all?” Helen said. Sebastian was already driving. He laughed and looked at Helen. “Yes. I have secrets that I have told you yet too. So it’s a win-win Helen.” Helen couldn’t think of anything to say in response to that, but she appreciated the nice personality that he had. It was much better than Carson’s.

Sebastian dropped her in front of her apartment. Helen thanked him. Then she got out of the car as quickly as possible. He shouted, “I will call you later, Helen!” Helen nodded. She sighed as she walked up the stairs. “Why is mom here? I really don’t want to be engaged to a man I never men.” she thought. As if her mom was waiting for her, the door opened when she touched the doorknob. “Welcome my sweetheart.” her mom said loudly. Though it was not welcome to Helen. Helen passed her mom powerlessly, the she sat down on the couch. It was really all of a sudden, and she didn’t know what to do. “So why are you here?” Helen asked sullenly. “Daughter, how can you say that? We haven’t even seen each other for almost a year.” Keira, her mom, said in a lively voice. “Well, that’s just because you always forced me to get engaged.” Helen shrugged. “Oh, poor thing. It was stressful for you. I promise that I will not force you anymore.” Keira said with a surprising face. Helen, who didn’t expect anything from her mom, dropped her jaw. “Are you serious mom? You promised!” Helen ran at her mom and hugged her so tightly that Keira couldn’t breathe for a brief moment. Keira soon grabbed Helen’s hand softly, and then said, “One more.” Helen made a face as soon as he heard that. “Mom, I’d rather choose my own husband.” Helen shouted at Keira with a little bit of anger. “I say one more. I have given you so much. Do this for me.” her mom insisted.

“I have someone I want you to meet. He should arrive any minute now.” Keira proclaimed as the doorbell rang. She walked quickly and opened the door to welcome their guest. “Please come in.” she said in a welcoming voice.

“Sebastian? What are you doing here?” Helen asked. Keira interrupted his reply, “I would like you to meet your future husband. You’re perfect for each other. I’m sure you’ll agree with me this time.”

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