A Chain of Causation

May 4, 2008
As Darrel prepared for his blind date he thought about all the other times he stood there looking at him self in that mirror and how all those times he inevitable would be standing there again asking him self what had went so horrible wrong. This recurring thought never the less didn’t sway his perseverance. Darrel knew that eventually he would find his soul mate as so many others before him had. This thought comforted Darrel and finished his meticulous preparations for his date. One last look into the mirror and a final deep breathe of release and he was ready. He stopped and looked at him self his freshly shaven face and neatly combed hair gave of an appearance of the a nice church boy the kind of guy all mothers would want for there daughters. Darrel looked at this and wondered if he would have more successful relationships if he looked like a Hollywood actor with a chiseled body and a smile that made all the girls pine for his affection but Darrel wasn’t those guys so he made do with the best he had and moved on. He had made the reservations at Antonio’s a local Italian place with good food and an atmosphere that sang of love and admiration. The reservations were set for 2 at 7:30 he knew it would be a long drive especially with the traffic of a weekend and Darrel was never late but instead always 15 min early so he left his apartment at 6:45 knowing it would be a 30 min drive into the city.

Shortly after he had gotten on the highway it began to rain the Darrel thought to him self “I hope this doesn’t foreshadow my entire night.” As he pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant at 7:17 the rain had begun to lift seeing this as a good sign he went and spoke to the hostess who told him to sit down and she would seat him shortly. So as he waited Darrel looked around he decided that the red headed woman his friend described to him wasn’t here. After a few minutes had past and the hostess said “Sir would you like to go ahead and take you seat and when your date gets here we can bring her to your table?” Darrel thinking it had been a long enough wait that he would go ahead and take this proposal. After being seated he decided that he would go ahead and wait for her to order despite his overwhelming hunger. As Darrel sat there for what seemed to be an eternity waiting trying to think what in the world could of caused his date to be this late “maybe traffic” he thought but after recalling the traffic and knowing that couldn’t be it. Having sat threw utter bewilderment on why his date hadn’t arrived he then decided to just go home so not to make the restaurant owners mad he left a 45 dollar tip on the table and walked out with his head hug low. He stepped out on to the side walk and said to himself “Oh great just my luck it’s raining again.” He got in his car shaking his head thinking “Stood up? This girl didn’t even give me the time to ruin it like normal.” He drove home only in silence.

After getting home he walked into his empty apartment looked around and said “and this is what I have to come home to.” Remembering his fierce hunger of earlier Darrel resorted to the 3 day old pizza in the fridge. Finally after solving this pending problem from his stomach he thought about his life and his accomplishments. Realizing having nothing to is name but a empty apartment, failed relationships, and a dead in job that only overworks him. Darrel gave thought to his situation and thought about those who did love him his parents who were divorced and didn’t even love each other, his friends who set him up with a girl who wouldn’t even meet him “some friends” he thought, and finally his coworkers who ridicule and reject him. After some serious though he decided that life isn’t worth this we live we die the only difference is when and how painfully. Thinking nothing could be more painful than this he made his decision and would never see any more pain again.

After some commotion Darrel’s neighbors called the police .The coroners report said Darrel Jackson died of a gun shot wound to the head most likely suicide probable time of death 10:45pm Friday the 23rd of May, 2008. On Saturday may 24th a red headed woman walked in to Antonio’s at 7:15 always liking to be 15 min early for everything she walked up to the hostess table and asked if her date Darrel Jackson had arrived.

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