She Was a Small Dot Now

May 4, 2008
By Yooha Park, Atlanta, GA

She was a small dot now. Walking toward the horizon, and away from where I stood, battling the strong winds that forced me to turn back, and walk back home. I squeezed my eyes shut, letting the hot tears roll down my burning face. I shuffled my feet against the sandy road while my tears dripped down onto the sand, trailing dark tracks behind me. It was the same familiar road she and I had once walked on together.


It is strange how once one leaves, the memories don’t leave, but they stay, and become a part of you.
I lay across the white sand, letting the frothy waves of the cool Atlantic tickle my bare toes. The cool breeze ruffled my hair, and gently rustled my jacket. However, even the beautiful ocean and the gentle breeze couldn’t cheer me up. It was clear that without her, I was nobody. She had had taken all that I had. Just as if someone had drunk all the water out of a water bottle, I was empty. Dry, with nothing left inside.


I dug my toes into the warm sand one last time. I then curled my fingers tightly around the green glass bottle I had been carrying for a long time. Inside the green capsule, there was a piece of printer paper etched with my intricate handwriting. The words described the joyful and horrid times I had had with the young woman who had lightened my life for so long. The night before, after I had finished pouring out my pensive thoughts onto the paper, I had carefully rolled it up and had pushed it through the clear, hard glass.


In broad daylight, I carefully made my way toward the shoreline. The white waves licked my bare feet as I threw the green bottle, with all my might into the vast ocean. It would have a hard journey, full of obstacles. Just like the life ahead of me, it will start on a long voyage, filled with hardships. But once I let go of things that have damaged me severely, I will have a better start.

A better start to find myself.

A better start to be who I really am.

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