Tragic Irony

May 2, 2008
By Thomas Tran, Huntington Beach, CA

My father is a really great man. He is well educated, fun to be with, and a caring father. He actually gave me things even though that I didn’t really need those things. I felt like a cruel free loader because of that. I loved him a lot and he loved me back. I tried to make things to make my father happy. I want to try to repay him because of how much he cares about me and try to make him not as tired as usual. I could see that he tries really hard and since my mother died from an unknown disease about a year ago, it’s even harder for him.

I wanted to try to explore and go and live in the new land England has captured. Most of my friends and families were there and they waved at me and I waved to them back. I didn’t see that my father was there. I did not think that he would be that busy to come and see me. I felt really sad and kind of tried not to cry during the travel. Until the ship finally made it to this new land and it seemed like that I would be fine.

I became pretty rich and I married to a kind and beautiful woman. We had some kids who made me kind of feel like my dad. It still makes me feel sad whenever I think about him. I have a neighbor whose name is Henry who was too a person that most people would like to be with and he became a friend of mine. I find that he is partially odd because he is mostly pessimistic and he has a house that is well protected and it’s mostly under the ground. I really hated the fact that people bought and treated slaves and my friend agrees with me. I decided to buy one but I actually let them live in my house, have them become well sheltered and well fed and I’ll never treat them badly. I treated the slave as another friend of mine and I wouldn’t call him a slave but I couldn’t really think of a name to call him but I decided to go with Frank. I do not care that people find me weird for that. I do most of the work and Frank helps me most of the time. Because that Frank, Henry, and I worked so much, we were very strong but it didn’t seem like it for some reason. I was actually able to handle about 6 or 7 people on my own in a fight. It felt like I cheated because I look like a pretty normal person except that when I show my muscles, they make me look really puissant. Frank and Henry too look like it but I am a bit stronger. It’s so weird.

I was looking through a newspaper read that the people in this land want to be independent from England. I thought that was an odd idea because the people came from and received many things from England. I didn’t really buy it and didn’t really try to remember it. A couple weeks later, I saw a man dressed in a blue coat with a gun and he was wounded pretty badly, running towards me. Behind him, I saw a man in a red coat who tried to fire a gun at the man in the blue coat but he missed by a couple of meters. I ran up to him and gave him a really hard punch onto his ribs and he flew a couple of meters and he was badly unconscious. The man said that he is a soldier of the American army fighting the British. Now I know this place is called America and surprised that this is actually happening. Frank’s family, the soldier, and my family packed up and I took the came over to Henry’s shelter and hid in there for a while. We heard many gunshots and yelling and screaming. I peeked out a bit and saw that a man I know was being held as prisoner. My friends and I ambushed them and knocked them out from behind, took the prisoner, and retreated. I felt disgusted to see what the British has done. There were many dead bodies, houses were torn and burned down, and I found a present I got from my father which was torn apart. I decided to go with the army and brought the soldier with me to guide me where I needed to go. We finally found the American army. We went through a couple of battles but I didn’t really get hurt much even though I was around the middle of the army. The generals I was with known me pretty well because of what I was able to do.

It seemed like the war was ending now because British had been retreating and they all end up in Yorktown and the French helped us a lot. I got shot two times around the shoulder and ran into the woods for a second to try to treat the wound. I heard a horse walking by with a British soldier on it. I shot the soldier in the head and dragged him out of the shadow to use his ammunition but I noticed that he was my father because he had a necklace in his pocket that I made for my father. I carried him and rode on the horse to see if he is hopefully alive. I was really angry at myself for shooting him. Because that he is dead, I could not forget myself killing him where ever I go.

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