Psycho Field-trip

May 23, 2012
By cryingalonewithcats PLATINUM, Waynesville, Ohio
cryingalonewithcats PLATINUM, Waynesville, Ohio
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Curtains open to the front of an art museum. there’s two people illuminated with a spotlight in the middle of a high school class fieldtrip.
Jacy – Karson, wakey wakey, I know mornings aren’t your thing but, what did your parents say about you being in an art museum? You were talking gibberish.
Karson – (talking with garbled speech, like a person who just got up and “doesn’t do mornings”) – they were like no, museums are bad and, and like – oh, hey look who’s bothered to show up!
Daren – (walking on stage from the right) So, I see you all waited for me!
Teacher – I swear, Daren, if you weren’t the principles son, I would….
Daren – ahh, but I am. (Laughs jokingly demonic like and goes and sits down with Karson and Jacy) yo, Karson, I guess you did come?
Karson – (talking more clearly) yeah, with the use of a forged signature…
Teacher – Okay, now that we have the whole class gathered here (looks rather pointedly at Daren) let’s get started with our field trip.
Curtains close and open back up to inside the museum in what looks like the modern art portion of the museum with the trio of friends standing in front of a particular unusual painting.
Karson – so, what do you think this painting is supposed to mean? With its little green and orange squiggles…
Jacy – Personally, not much, I mean it’s kind of cool ‘n’ all, but what in the world is it even supposed to be?
Daren –well, I think it’s supposed to be a cow with some sort horrible disease sitting on a duck, but that’s me…
Karson – oh come on you guys, if you had looked at the title you might have known that it was supposed to be a dyeing Christmas tree but I guess you two are two occupied to READ. (Karson then cracks up laughing then talks through her laughter) though I have to say, you to arnt half as funny as my mum and dad were the other day when I asked them if I could go to the mus-
Jacy – so are you finally coherent enough to tell me about that?
Karson – yes, as a matter of fact, I am but I guess you don’t want to hear it sience you interrupted me… (Karson’s face turns all stormy at this point)
Daren – Karson, oh my gosh, just tell us your story and don’t freak out!
Karson – okay, so, as you know the teacher sent home the field trip forums last Monday, but, when I brought it home my parents did research on the museum and what art they have currently. It was so weird, as soon as they saw that they hand this one Van Gogh painting they freaked and went beserk. I think they were talking about the one with the black ox and cart saying something about our family have something debt with the owner or something I don’t really remember what they said after that it was just wei-
Teacher – okay Class, let’s head over to the cafeteria for lunch!
Curtains close and open to a cafeteria with the trio sitting at a table with plates of food in front of them
Karson – oh for heaven’s sake, these potatoes taste like, oh I don’t know something below the taste level of cardboard.
Jacy – you’re complaining about the potatoes? Have you even tasted the pudding? It’s like mold and chocolate and your potatoes mixed into one.
Daren – then I have a better use for them then eating the (Daren takes a spoon full of the pudding and the potatoes and flings it at Karson, but drastically misses and hits the teacher square in the face instead. She gives Daren a very not nice look)
Daren – ehh, maybe not such a good idea after all…
Karson – Was it ever?
Teacher – now that were done playing with our food like a bunch of monkeys, shall we ajourn to the impressionist’s wing of the museum?
Jacy – so Karson, I guess we’ll find out about your black ox with cart thing.
Curtains close and reopen to the impressionist’s wing.
Karson – (standing in front of the Van Gogh painting) so here we are in front of the painting that I owe a debt…. So painting, whatchya going to do?
Daren – Karson, what if it is true? I mean it could kill you…
Karson – oh Daren, don’t be so daft, it’s a painting.
The painting starts to wobble around on the wall and make screeching noises. It eventually wiggles its self of the wall and falls straight on its face and the frame shatters. The security system starts to go off then and guards start hurrying into the room.
Karson – hey, uhh , guys, this might be an opportune point in time to get out of here!
Jacy – Agreed
Daren – Double Agreed! The Three friends exit left, lights fade and curtains close.

The author's comments:
A short play I wrote for class, It's kind of too short, but I kind of love it too.

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