Will My Ex Kill Me?

May 2, 2008
"here, this is what you do. You mail her a box and have her pay for it when she gets it, so she's basically paying for her break up. You put a brick IN the box and right on top of it you leave a little bitty note saying WE'RE OVER!, and you rap it around a couple of times with RED wrapping paper, not for loooove though kinda more like blooo...."

"wait blood? Will said interrupting Mark's "perfect" plan for a break up.

"ya man! blood! or it doesnt have to be blood and it can..."

"Mark, mark! i'm not going to break up with her over mail! okay? when you manage you get a girlfriend and when you two break up, YOU can break up with her like that...." Will got up from the table and picked up his cup, He walked towards the drinks and filled it up half with sprite and half with fruit punch. He looked back at his table and he could hear Mark going on with his plan for the "perfect" break up, his hand were all over the place. The expression on his face made it seem it was all a joke. No one understood that Will breaking his girlfriend's heart could be dangerous! who knows what she would do.

She has a look that could literally kill someone. She looks straight at you. Her eyes open wide, so wide you could see your self in them. Her lips curl up, her face gets white as snow...then...BAM your dead.

"What if she brings a knife to school?" Will said sitting back down in his seat.

"Dude...its not that big of a deal, is it? Why are you breaking up anyways? i thought you two were INLOVEEE!" Paul said taking a bite of his fettuccine alfredo.

"Its her over-obsessiveness and she's going to college in less than 7 months, better end it now before it goes further than it already has" Will looked down at his food, he wasnt in the mood to eat anymore.

"You mean...sex?" Mark said dropping his phone on the table.

"sex? What??? nooo man! no!.....i mean like love, we're inlove and i dont want her to fall inlove with me anymore than she already has" He took his phone and opened it and closed it a couple of times.

"not over texting..."

"nah man, i'm not THAT lame, i might do it over the phone tonight...i really hope she's okay with it...or i'll be dead..." Will gets up and walks to his car.

"Ya umm who thinks Will wont see another sunrise, raise your hand!!"

Everyone around the table raised their hand, even the bus boy, who knew Will from school.

They all laughed, and wandered what really was going to happen after the breakup.

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